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Biff is a given name, a nickname or part of a stage name.



  • Biff Byford (born 1951), British lead singer of the heavy metal band Saxon
  • Frank Dunlap (1924–1993), Canadian Football League player
  • James T. Ellison (c. 1861–?), New York City gangster
  • William Grimes (journalist) (born 1950), former magazine writer, culture reporter, theater columnist, restaurant critic, book reviewer and a current obituary writer for The New York Times
  • Biff Henderson (born 1946), American stage manager and television personality on the Late Show with David Letterman
  • Biff Jones (1895–1980), former college football head coach and member of the College Football Hall of Fame
  • Biff Liff (1919–2015), born Samuel Liff, Tony Award-winning American Broadway manager and producer.
  • Biff McGuire (born 1926), American stage and film actor
  • Biff Rose (born 1937), American comedian and singer-songwriter
  • Biff Schaller (1889–1939), Major League Baseball player
  • Biff Schlitzer (1884–1948), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Biff Sheehan (1868–1923), Major League Baseball player
  • Richard Stannard (songwriter), British songwriter
  • Claude Taugher (1897–1963), National Football League player and decorated World War I US Marine Corps officer
  • Biff Wysong (1905–1951), Major League Baseball pitcher

Given name[edit]

Stage name[edit]

  • Biff Debrie, stage name of Don Preston (born 1932), American jazz and rock and roll musician
  • Biff Elliot (1923–2012), American actor

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