Bifrost (band)

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Origin Copenhagen, Denmark
Genres Folk Rock
Years active 1974–present
Labels CBS Records
Mercury Records
Past members Tom Lundén
Ida Klemann
Finn Jensen
Torben Andersen
Asger Skjold-Rasmussen
Mogens Ficher

Bifrost is a Danish rock band. The early band was considered one of the last of the Danish flower power revolution bands,[1] and is best known for the songs Hej Maria (Hello, Maria) and Det er morgen (translated: "It's Morning"), both written and sung by keyboardist Tom Lundén. While leading Bifrost, Lundén also wrote the 1976 protest song I kan ikke slå os ihjel (translated: "You cannot kill us") as an anthem for the revolutionary hippie commune of Christiania.[2] Founded in 1974. The early band consisted of Tom Lundén, Ida Klemann, Finn Jensen, Torben Andersen, Asger Skjold-Rasmussen, Mogens Ficher and dancer and singer Annapurna. In 1977 Mikael Miller replaced Finn Jensen on guitar. In 1978 an additional guitarist, John Teglgaard, joined the group. [3] Between 1976 and 1996, Bifrost released nine albums on the CBS and Mercury Records labels.


  • Bifrost, 1976 (CBS Records) [4] - rereleased on CD by Sony BMG Music Entertainment
  • Til En Sigøjner, 1977 (CBS Records) - rereleased on CD by Sony BMG Music Entertainment
  • Læn Dem Ikke Ud, 1979 (CBS Records)
  • Crazy Canary, 1980 (Mercury Records)
  • Kassen & Hjertet, 1981 (Mercury Records)
  • En Tro Kopi, 1982 (Mercury Records)
  • Bifrost, 1984 (Mercury Records)
  • Vand Jeg Kan Gå På, 1987 (It's Magic)[1]
  • Hjerte Til Salg, 1996 (Columbia)


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