Big's Backyard Ultra

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Big's Backyard Ultra
GenreTrail racing
Location(s)Bell Buckle, Tennessee, U.S.
FounderLazarus Lake
Most recent2021

Big's Backyard Ultra is the original backyard ultra, invented by Gary "Lazarus Lake" Cantrell of Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Participants run a 4.167-mile loop every hour, and are eliminated if they fail to complete a loop in an hour. The path of the loop is on trails during the day and along a road after dark. The distance of each loop is equal to 100 divided by 24, so that a competitor runs 100 miles for a full day of competition. There is no predefined finish. The winner is the competitor who completes a loop that no other competitors complete. If no competitor outlasts every other competitor, there is no winner.[1]

Past results[edit]

Year Winner [2] Laps Assist Notes
2011 Tim Englund 18 Dave Carver
2012 Joe Fejes 28 Marcy Beard
2013 Tim Englund 35 Keith Knipling
2014 (no winner) 49 Johan Steene / Jeremy Ebel Both runners dropped out after 49 loops.a
2015 (race not held)
2016 Babak Rastgoufard 29 Andy Pearson
2017 Guillaume Calmettes 59 Harvey Lewis
2018 Johan Steene[3] 68 Courtney Dauwalter
2019 Maggie Guterl[4] 60 William Hayward First female winner.
2020 Courtney Dauwalter[5] 68 Harvey Lewis U.S. winner.b
2021 Harvey Lewis[6] 85 Chris Roberts
a.^ When Steene dropped out to catch his flight back to Sweden, Ebel chose to drop out as well.[7]
b.^ In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic precluded international competitors from travelling to Tennessee, so the race was replaced by satellite events in various countries; the world title winner was Karel Sabbe in Belgium, with 76 laps.[1]

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