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Founded 2004
Headquarters Garden City, New York, United States
Key people
Phillip & Lauren Davies
Website is a free online news and press release distribution service. The company was founded in 2004 and is a registered LLC based in Garden City, New York. The company is privately held.

Business Profile[edit] accepts press release and news articles from their registered users then distributes their content via Email, RSS and their Web site to news aggregators, media, newsletter subscribers and social media sites. On August 26, 2007 BigNews was approved as a Google news source for press releases.[1]

In 2009 Bignews began to feed user content to social media sites such as Twitter and Digg.[2]

As of September 2010 the company's Web site lists 27,000 registered users.[3] Quantcast reports that Bignews receives 128,000 unique users a month[4]

History[edit] has been online since February 2004 [13] and was an early provider of press releases to Google news[5] when they were still in beta.

In 2005 BigNews also launched to distribute press releases for the antiques and collectibles market [6]

Notable events[edit]

Following the release of Martha Stewart from prison in March 2005, BigNews drafted and distributed a series of press releases [7] for the Lion Brand Yarn company regarding a free crochet pattern that customers could download that creates a duplicate of the poncho she was wearing at the time of her release. The publicity from the releases resulted in over 2 million downloads of the pattern.

In June 2008 Bignews created a list of the top 13 free press release distribution sites based on traffic to these sites and the quality of their service.[8] The list is updated monthly on their blog[9]

In December 2009 Bignews became the only free press release distribution service sending a daily feed of releases issued by U.S. Senators[10] and Congressmen[11] to Google news and Twitter.

In January 2010 became the first free press release distribution service with over 3000 press releases live on Google news[12]


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