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The Big Air Open Kitesurfing Classic is a kitesurfing event due to be held in 2012 in Worthing, UK. Being held as part of the part of Olympic torch relay weekend for the London 2012 Olympics, the 2012 event is organised by various organisations including Worthing Borough Council, Visit Worthing, Breathe Unity PR, Windmachine, and Lewis Crathern.[1] Intended to become an annual event, the 2012 event takes place on Saturday 14 July on Worthing seafront.[1]


Open to male and female entrants,[1] the competition has 36 places, 12 of which are local wildcards.[1] The event will see points awarded for the maximum height reached. There will be 28 heats each lasting eight minutes, with three riders in each heat.[2] There will be 3 riders on the water in each heat, with the 1st and 2nd-place finishers advancing to the next round. The overall winner will be determined by a final heat of three riders.[1]

Lewis Crathern, four-times British kitesurfing champion[3] will be judging and commentating at the event. Crathern and fellow Worthing kitesurfer Jake Scrace jumped over Worthing Pier in 2009,[4] while Crathern also jumped over Brighton's Palace Pier in 2010.[5]

The site[edit]

The event takes place in the sea of the town centre of Worthing. On most summer afternoons a sea breeze, sometimes known as The Worthing Effect[6][7][8][9] by the local watersports community, blows from the south-west, building throughout the morning and peaking generally mid to late afternoon.[6]

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