Big Bald Mountain (New Brunswick)

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Abandoned fire-spotting hut on Big Bald Mountain (IR Walker 1986)
Big Bald Mountain
1986 Big Bald Mtn.jpg
Highest point
Elevation672 m (2,205 ft)
Coordinates47°11′42″N 66°25′22″W / 47.19500°N 66.42278°W / 47.19500; -66.42278
LocationNorthumberland, New Brunswick
Parent rangeAppalachian Mountains
Topo mapNTS 21O/01
Easiest routehike

Big Bald Mountain is a prominent peak in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. It lies adjacent to Colonels Mountain, east of the Christmas Mountains, and near the headwaters of the Northwest Miramichi River, the Sevogle River, and the South Branch Nepisiguit River. It is a well-known feature, in part because of its height, but especially because of its bald summit (hence the name).[1][2]

Before aerial surveillance was extensively used, a hut was maintained on the summit for fire-spotting in the remote north-central part of the province. A very similar hut was maintained on Mount Carleton, the province's highest peak. Triangulation among these huts and other fire towers allowed the locations of wildfires to be determined quickly and easily.


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