Big Bang (film)

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Big Bang
Big bang (2007 film).jpg
Directed by Park Jung-woo
Produced by Kim Tae-eun
Im Seung-yong
Jung Chul-woo
Written by Park Jung-woo
Starring Kam Woo-sung
Kim Su-ro
Music by Shin Hae-chul
Cinematography Choi Chan-min
Edited by Steve M. Choe
Distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex
Release date
  • March 14, 2007 (2007-03-14)
Running time
118 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Budget US$4.9 million

Big Bang (Hangul쏜다; RRSsonda; lit. "I'll Shoot") is a 2007 South Korean action-comedy film written and directed by Park Jung-woo, and starring Kam Woo-sung and Kim Su-ro.[1][2]


Park Man-soo is an ordinary salaryman who lives his life according to a strict set of rules, and this lack of flexibility makes him hard to like at home and at the office. One day, his wife asks for a divorce because she's bored with their life, and he is fired because his corrupt boss hates him. So on his way home, the frustrated and outraged Man-soo tries to set himself free by breaking all the rules that have restricted him his entire life by deviating from them, just for one day. He swears at passers-by, kicks signboards and pees on the street, and he is soon placed under arrest by Ma Dong-chul, a demoted but zealous cop. Officer Ma takes him to the police station to teach him a lesson, where Man-soo meets Yang Chul-gon, a career criminal with 15 previous convictions, who finds it more comfortable to be behind bars. Chul-gon incites the desperate and timid Man-soo to escape the police station with him, and through a series of mishaps, they happen to steal a gun and police car, with which they also try their hand at punishing "law dodgers" themselves. With Officer Ma in hot pursuit, Man-soo and Chul-gon find themselves branded as antisocial vigilantes, and the ₩50,000 fine for Man-soo's original misdemeanor has now turned into a potential life sentence. Thus, the unlikely pair spend a wild night together in Seoul.[3]


  • Kam Woo-sung as Park Man-soo
  • Kim Su-ro as Yang Chul-gon
  • Kang Sung-jin as Ma Dong-chul
  • Moon Jung-hee as Han Kyung-soon, Man-soo's wife
  • Jang Hang-sun as Shim Pyung-seob
  • Kim Young-ok as Chul-gon's mother
  • Jo Seok-hyun as Section chief Kim
  • Jeon Guk-hwan as Man-soo's father
  • Lee Jeong-heon as Seo Tae-hoon
  • Kim Hyuk as Shim Tae-yong
  • Choi Jung-woo as Section Chief Detective
  • Kim Se-dong as Police Sergeant Kim
  • Park Jin-taek as Police Corporal Park
  • Park Gun-tae as young Man-soo
  • Park Jin-young as Kyung-soon's father


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