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Big Bang 2
Big Bang - Big Bang 2.jpg
Studio album by Big Bang
Released May 11, 2011
Recorded 2009–2011
Studio YG Studio, Seoul, South Korea
Genre R&B, hip hop, dance-pop, electropop
Length 35:32
Label Universal Music Japan
Producer G-Dragon
Big Bang chronology
Big Bang Special Edition
Big Bang 2
Singles from Big Bang 2
  1. "Koe o Kikasete"
    Released: November 4, 2009
  2. "Tell Me Goodbye"
    Released: June 9, 2010
  3. "Beautiful Hangover"
    Released: August 25, 2010
  4. "Tonight"
    Released: April 27, 2011 (digital download)
  5. "Ms. Liar"
    Released: May 11, 2011 (digital download)[1]

Big Bang 2 is South Korean boy band Big Bang's third Japanese album. It was released on May 11, 2011.

The album has had three singles to date: "Koe o Kikasete", "Tell Me Goodbye", and "Beautiful Hangover". "Koe o Kikasete" and "Tell Me Goodbye" managed to chart within the top five in the Japanese Oricon charts, and "Beautiful Hangover" managed to chart in the top ten.

Development and background[edit]

Big Bang 2 is Big Bang's second original Japanese album, following the release of Big Bang in 2009. Their song "Ms. Liar" was a Japanese remake of their Korean song "Stupid Liar".[2]


Prior to Big Bang 2's announcement, three singles were released. "Koe o Kikasete" was the first single and was released November 4, 2009. It charted for sixteen weeks and managed a peak position at number four. Following "Koe o Kikasete" was "Tell Me Goodbye", released June 9, 2010. "Tell Me Goodbye" achieved around the same success, managing to chart for fifteen weeks peaking at number five. "Beautiful Hangover", the third single reached number seven and charted for eight weeks.[3] On April 18, 2011 a Japanese music video version of "Tonight" was made and uploaded on YG Entertainment's YouTube account and was released as a digital download on April 27, 2011. A fifth single, Ms. Liar was digitally released the same day as the album release.


Big Bang 2 is to be accompanied by the Love & Hope Tour across Japan.[4] The tour was previously titled the Love & Pain Tour, but it was changed due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Part of the proceeds went to disaster relief.[5]

Track listing[edit]

Big Bang 2[2][6]
No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Intro (Thank You & You)" G-Dragon G-Dragon, Choice37 Choice37 1:36
2. "Tonight" (Japanese Version) G-Dragon, T.O.P G-Dragon, e.knock Choi Pil-kang 3:40
3. "Somebody to Luv" (Japanese Version of "Somebody to Love") G-Dragon, T.O.P G-Dragon, Ham Seung-cheon, Kang Wook-jin Ham Seung-cheon, Kang Wook-jin 3:32
4. "Beautiful Hangover" G-Dragon, Shikata, iNoZzi, Perry Nadir Benkahla, Saeed Molavi, Perry   3:46
5. "Ora Yeah!" ("オラ Yeah!") Fujibayashi Shoko Jimmy Thornfeldt, Mohombi Moupondo Jimmy Thornfeldt, Mohombi Moupondo 3:05
6. "Tell Me Goodbye" Fujibayashi Shouko, Perry Jimmy Thornfeldt, Mohombi Moupondo Jimmy Thornfeldt, Mohombi Moupondo 4:07
7. "Koe o Kikasete" ("声をきかせて") Yamamoto Narumi, Robin, G-Dragon, T.O.P Teddy Teddy 4:16
8. "Ms. Liar" (Japanese Version of "Stupid Liar") G-Dragon, T.O.P G-Dragon, Choi Pil-kang Choi Pil-kang, Dee.P 3:53
9. "Hands Up" G-Dragon, T.O.P G-Dragon, e.knock Kush 3:59
10. "Love Song" G-Dragon, Teddy, T.O.P Teddy, G-Dragon Seo Won-jin 3:44
Total length: 35:32


Chart Peak
Oricon Daily albums[citation needed] 1
Oricon Weekly albums[7] 1
Oricon Monthly albums[citation needed] 3
Oricon Yearly albums 63

Sales and certifications[edit]

Chart Amount
Oricon physical sales[8] 98,854
RIAJ physical shipping certification[9] Gold (100,000+)

Release history[edit]

Country Date Label Format
Japan May 11, 2011[2] Universal Music Japan CD, digital download
Taiwan May 11, 2011[10] Universal Music Taiwan CD


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