Big Bang Mini

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Big Bang Mini
Big Bang Mini Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Arkedo Studio
Publisher(s) SouthPeak Games
Distributor(s) Koch Media
Designer(s) Camille Guermonprez
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)
  • NA: January 21, 2009[1]
  • EU: March 6, 2009
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer[2]

Big Bang Mini is a Nintendo DS title that was released on January 21, 2009, in North America and March 6, 2009, in Europe. It was developed by Arkedo Studio, known for their previous DS game Nervous Brickdown, and published by SouthPeak Games.


Example of the art style in a level of Big Bang Mini (as of March, 2008)

The primary gameplay mechanic of Big Bang Mini involves the player using the stylus to shoot fireworks from the bottom screen to enemies in the top screen. While you are shooting fireworks, debris and sparks rain down from the top screen onto your character on the bottom screen, and you must again use the stylus to dodge the falling hazards. Big Bang Mini has four gameplay modes, multiplayer functionality, and over 100 levels of gameplay. Upon completing a level you will be rewarded by designing a Final Bouquet.[3]


The game's soundtrack is all original music.[4] The settings range from a pixelated landscape of pyramids and trees and a few different types of city settings. Enemies include superheroes, clowns, pixelated birds, Chinese dragons, and sharks that shoot lasers.[5]


Big Bang Mini received generally favorable reviews, with a Metacritic score of 78/100 based on 39 reviews. IGN gave the game 8.7/10, while GameSpot awarded a score of 9/10.


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