Big Beach Boutique II – The Movie

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Big Beach Boutique II: The Movie
Video by Fatboy Slim
Released 29 October 2006
Genre Big beat, house
Length 90 min
Label Capitol (EMI)

Big Beach Boutique II: The Movie is a music DVD featuring a concert on the beach at Brighton, UK by musician Fatboy Slim and other artists. It was recorded on July 13, 2002. 250,000 fans turned up. (It was also released as an album, Big Beach Boutique II).

DVD Extras and Easter Eggs include:

  • Full-length movie commentary
  • FatBoy Slim interview (9m:33s)
  • Two interactive games (rewarded with bonus clips if you win)
  • DJ Request; arrange a playlist of the tracks
  • Tracks 10 & 15 take advantage of the multi-angle feature; Option to view nice graphic videos.
  • A hidden menu which may be accessed by entering all the menus (excluding watching the movie) and then going to extras and pressing up on your remote. From here, you must enter the 3-digit code, 303. Once it is entered, you will be taken to a documentary (23m:54s). The code was originally retrieved from visiting but unfortunately, the website is now down and up for resale. Aaron St Clair is the photographer who shot the famous pictures on the wrap-around cover, as well as the DVD insert. His work can be found at

Track listing[edit]

Track no. Artist/Band Track title
01 Fatboy Slim Intro (2:20)
02 Tim Deluxe "It Just Won't Do" (5:25)
03 Chamonix "77 Strings" [Original Instrumental] (3:47)
04 X-Press 2 "Lazy" [Norman Cook Dub Mix] (3:56)
05 Mint Royale "Sexiest Man in Jamaica" (2:42)
06 Shakedown "At Night" [Kid Crème Club Mix] (5:17)
07 Conga Squad "Delicious" (2:46)
08 Basement Jaxx "Get Me Off" [ Superchumbo Supergetoff Remix] (5:12)
09 Layo & Bushwacka! "Love Story" [Tim Deluxe Remix] (4:47)
10 Glen Masters "Hi Jackers" (6:09) **Multi-Angle CGI Video Option**
11 Static Revenger "Long Time" (4:24)
12 Cylone "Lord of the Land" (4:47)
13(A) Underworld "Born Slippy .NUXX" (0:57)
13(B) Fatboy Slim "Right Here Right Now"
14 Camisra "Let Me Show You" (4:23)
15 Fusion Orchestra "Farfisa" (4:42) **Multi-Angle CGI Video Option**
16 Santos "Ke Dolor" (4:57)
17 Fatboy Slim "Star 69" (5:14)
18(A) Mr. Hermano "Hypnotista" [Ambient Dub] (6:17)
18(B) Space Cowboy "I Would Die for You"
19 Tim Deluxe "It Just Won't Do" [Dub Mix] (5:51)
20 All Saints "Pure Shores" [Norman Cook Re-Edit] (4:27)
21 Credits (0:50)


Big Beach Boutique II - The Movie received positive reviews from those who watched it. On Rotten Tomatoes, it received a 4.5/5 from 27 reviews.[1]


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