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Big Ben is the popular name for the bell and the clock in the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, England.

Big Ben may also refer to:

As a nickname, it may refer to:

  • Ben Bowen (2002–2005), American cancer patient
  • Ben Dunkelman (1913–1997), Canadian veteran of the Second World War and other conflicts
  • Ben Gordon (born 1983), British-American basketball player
  • Ben Johnson, Jamaican-Canadian sprinter
  • Ben Maller, American national sports radio host
  • Ben McDonald (born 1967), former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Ben Roethlisberger (born 1982), American football player
  • Ben Wallace (born 1974), American basketball player
  • The 100 US dollar banknote, after 1996 when the portrait of Benjamin Franklin was enlarged