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Casa Grande is a prominent peak in the Chisos Mountains of the Big Bend area of west Texas. The view is from the Pinnacles Trail in Big Bend National Park.

The Big Bend is an area of western Texas, United States along the border with Mexico, north of the prominent bend in the Rio Grande where it changes from running east-southeast to running north-northeast, passing between the Chisos Mountains in Texas and the Sierra Madre Oriental in Mexico. It is sometimes defined as the part of Texas south of U.S. Highway 90 and west of the Pecos River. It can also be defined as three counties in Texas: Brewster, Jeff Davis and Presidio.

The region is sparsely populated, arid, and rugged, containing the Chisos and the Davis Mountain ranges. The region has more than one million acres (4,000 km²) of public lands, including Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park along the north side of the Rio Grande. It is also the home of the McDonald Observatory.

The largest towns in the region are Alpine, Presidio, Marfa, Sanderson, Terlingua, and Marathon.

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