Big Bend Power Station

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Big Bend Power Station
Big Bend Power Station.jpg
Big Bend Power Station
Big Bend Power Station is located in Florida
Big Bend Power Station
Location of the Big Bend Power Station in Florida
Country United States
Location Apollo Beach, Florida
Coordinates 27°47′45″N 82°24′13″W / 27.79583°N 82.40361°W / 27.79583; -82.40361Coordinates: 27°47′45″N 82°24′13″W / 27.79583°N 82.40361°W / 27.79583; -82.40361
Status Operational
Commission date 1969,
last unit: 1985
Owner(s) TECO Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Bituminous coal
Secondary fuel Distillate fuel oil
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 1,730 MW

Big Bend Power Station is a major coal-fired power plant, located across Tampa Bay from Tampa, Florida on nearly 1,500 acres (6 km2) in southeastern Hillsborough County, close to Apollo Beach. It is owned and operated by TECO Energy. Three similar units (each 445.5 MWe nameplate capacity) were launched in the early 1970s, followed by a newer 486-MWe unit 4 in 1985.[1]

Flue-gas desulfurization[edit]

The scrubber for Unit 4 began operation in 1984, and since 1995, has simultaneously scrubbed Unit 3 as well. The scrubber for Units 1 and 2 began operation at the end of 1999. According to TECO Energy, the scrubber system removes 95% of sulfur dioxide from all four units.


During the winter months, warm-water outfalls from the station draw dozens of West Indian manatees, an endangered species, to the immediate vicinity of the plant.[2] In 1986, TECO set aside a manatee viewing area which is accessible to the public.[3]

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