Big Bird's Birthday Celebration

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Big Bird's Birthday, or Let Me Eat Cake, is a 1991 television special based on the children's television show Sesame Street. In the special, Big Bird celebrates his sixth birthday. The program was aired by PBS in March 15, 1991 as part of a pledge drive.


It is Big Bird's birthday, and he goes to the roller skating rink with his friends. Back at Sesame Street, Maria and Susan take out the big birthday cake and leave it on a table. Cookie Monster sees the cake, but instead of eating it and spoiling the party, he eats a chair and other things.

Big Bird and the other skaters return to Sesame Street and are shocked at what Cookie Monster ate, though the cake is safe. Gina and Count Von Count presents the cake to Big Bird. It has 548 candles even though Big Bird is 6 years old. At the end, when Gina announces the sponsors, Cookie Monster eats them along with his cake.


Muppet Cast[edit]

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Song List[edit]

  • "Big Bird's Beautiful Birthday Bash"
  • "We Are All Earthlings"
  • "Monster in the Mirror" (celebrity edition)
  • "Put One Foot In Front Of The Other"
  • "A New Way to Walk"
  • "Happy Birthday to You"

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