Big Boss (musician)

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Big Boss
Birth name Jiří Valter[1]
Also known as Big Boss
Born 1952 (age 65–66)
Czech Republic
Genres Black metal, Progressive metal
Instruments Vocals, drums
Years active 1987-present
Associated acts Root

Jiří Valter,[1] better known as Big Boss, is the vocalist for the Czech black metal band Root, the progressive metal band Equirhodont and eponymous band with ballads.


Big Boss was born in the Czech Republic around 1952[1][2] to pianist and professor Milan Valter.[3] He started as a blues vocalist before moving to hard rock singer and finally to metal. According to him, "[a]ll these styles are mixed, either in some of my songs or singing. Mostly in my singing".[4] In late 1987, he founded the black metal band Root together with guitarist Blackie.[5]

Big Boss launched his side project Equirhodont with his Root bandmates Ashok and Igor in 2002. In addition to his activities with these two bands, he has also recorded three solo albums.


Big Boss founded the Czech branch of the Church of Satan[1][4] in 1991.[6] He claims[7] to have been appointed a High Priest in the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey.[citation needed] He still lives his life according to Satanism[1][4] but delegated the branch’s leadership to younger members around 2004[1] and now believes that "everything that smells of organization is shit".[4]

It has often been pretended that Big Boss was homosexual. He has denied this and stated: “But if they say, that I'm homosexual so it is their problem, not mine. Perhaps it is their wishful thinking. Perhaps when they masturbate so they fantasise me and I'm unattainable idol for them... really I don't know.”[3]

Other activities[edit]

Big Boss translated several books to Czech.


With Root[edit]

With Equirhodont[edit]

  • Grandiose Magus (2003)
  • Black Crystal (2004)


  • Q7 (1994)
  • Belial’s Wind (1998)
  • Doomy Ballads (2008)

Guest performance[edit]


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