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Big Brother Croatia is a reality show shown on RTL Televizija in which a number of contestants live in an isolated house trying to avoid being evicted by the public with the aim of winning a large cash prize at the end of the run. It is based on the international Big Brother format produced by Endemol.

In the first four seasons (and the Celebrity season) the house was located in Jadran Film studios, in the Dubrava section of Zagreb. In season 5, the house of Big Brother Thailand was used.

There have been five seasons - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 plus one celebrity season. Big Brother Croatia holds the record for having the most regular seasons (five) with only male contestants winning the show each year (although the celebrity edition was won by a woman). Daca from season 2 and Maja Paola from season 4 came very close though, losing by only 2% difference to the eventual winners Hamdija and Vedran, respectively.

Seasons details[edit]

Season Theme Launch date Final date Days Housemates Winner Prize Presenter
Big Brother 1 Vidi sve
(Sees everything)
18 September 2004 26 December 2004 100 14 Saša Tkalčević 1,000,000 kn (130,000 euro) Daria Knez
Big Brother 2 Gola istina
(Naked truth)
4 September 2005 30 December 2005 118 21 Hamdija Seferović 1,000,000 kn (130,000 euro) Antonija Blaće
Big Brother 3 Do kraja
(To the end)
8 September 2006 15 December 2006 99 14 Danijel Rimanić 1,250,000 kn (165,000 euro)
Big Brother 4 Bez milosti!
(No mercy!)
7 September 2007 21 December 2007 106 15 Vedran Lovrenčić 1,005,000 kn (133,000 euro)
Big Brother 5 Avantura te zove!
(Adventure calls you!)
5 September 2008 19 December 2008 106 18 Krešimir Duvančić 1,135,000 kn (150,000 euro)
Big Brother 6 Tko će u raj?
(Who is going to heaven?)
17 April 2016 3 June 2016 50 15 Romano Obilinović 116,300 kn (15,500 euro)
reduced from 300,000 kn (39,500 euro)
Marijana Batinić
Big Brother 7 Tajne i laži
(Secrets and Lies)
27 January 2018 6 May 2018 100 31 Antonio Orač 371,000 kn (50,300 euro)
reduced from 500,000 kn (67,800 euro)
Antonija Blaće

Celebrity season[edit]

In 2008, RTL Televizija broadcast a special celebrity season of Big Brother. Celebrities entered the house for charity. However, due to low ratings, the celebrity season was ended one week before it planned.

Series Launch date Final date Days Housemates Winner Grand prize Presenter
Celebrity Big Brother 1 7 March 2008 21 March 2008 15 8 Danijela Dvornik 100,000 kn (13,000 euro) Antonija Blaće

International seasons[edit]

In 2011 Croatian Big Brother joins ex-Yugoslavia reailty show Veliki Brat. Contestants from all over ex-Yugoslavia region except Slovenia participate.

Series Subtitle Launch Date Final Date Days Winner Top prize Presenter
Veliki brat 2011 Ljubi bližnjeg svog
(Love Thy Neighbor)
13 March 2011 27 June 2011 107 Marijana Čvrljak Croatia 104,700 euro (771,670 kn)

Croatia Antonija Blaće
Serbia Marijana Mićić

Veliki brat 2015 Gleda te, zove te Veliki Brat
(He's watching you, calling this Big Brother)
4 September 2015 12 December 2015 100 Darko "Spejko" Petkovski Republic of Macedonia 95,665 euro

Croatia Antonija Blaće
Serbia Sky Wikluh

The Prize[edit]

Big Brother 2004 and Big Brother 2005 had grand prize 1,000,000 HRK (130,000 Euro). Big Brother 2006, Big Brother 2007, and Big Brother 2008 offered grand prize 1,500,000 HRK (200,000 Euro). But throughout season housemates are completing tasks, every incomplete task reduce the prize.
Big Brother - Veliki Brat 2011 had grand prize 150,000 Euro. The prize can drop or raise, depanding on challenge.