Big Brother (Finnish TV series)

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Big Brother
Genre Reality
Created by John de Mol
Starring Mari Sainio (2005–2006, 2013–2014)
Sauli Koskinen (2014)
Elina Viitanen (2010–2012)
Cristal Snow (2012)
Susanna Laine (2010–2011)
Vappu Pimiä (2005–2009)
Jani Toivola (2009)
Janne Kataja (2007–2008)
Voices of Jari Karjalainen as "Big Brother"
Country of origin Finland
Original language(s) Finnish
No. of seasons 10
Producer(s) Mikko Räisänen (2006–present)
Jens Helin (2005)
Running time 20 min (Big Brother Extra)
45 min (Big Brother)
70 min (Big Brother Talk Show)
Original network Sub (2005-2014)
Original release 28. August 2005 – 14. November 2014
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The Finnish adaptation of Big Brother is broadcast on Sub (formerly SubTV) in Finland.

The series premiered on August 28, 2005 and season nine concluded on October 13, 2013. Since Season 7, the series has been produced by Endemol Finland Oy; the previous seasons were produced by Metronome Film & Television Oy. The season winner wins €50,000. In the tenth season winner will win €100,000.

On March 5, 2013, Sub announced that the ninth season will air in the fall of 2013 and will be the first season to feature celebrities as contestants. The ninth season was shorter than the previous season and featured only one host.


Big Brother[edit]

"Big Brother" is the name of the daily show aired every day at 10 pm. On Sundays it's included in "Big Brother Talk Show". The daily show has been referred as both "reality" and "pääohjelma" ("main show") by the hosts.

Big Brother Extra[edit]

"Big Brother Extra" is aired from Monday to Friday. "Big Brother Sunnuntai Extra" was aired on Sundays during the show's sixth season. The viewers can send SMS messages about the show. The host also interviews Big Brother staff, evicted house mates and other guests. The show has been hosted by Vappu Pimiä (seasons 1–2), Janne Kataja (seasons 3–4), Jani Toivola (season 5), Elina Viitanen (seasons 6–7), Cristal Snow (season 8), Mari Sainio (season 9) and Sauli Koskinen (season 10–present) .

Big Brother Talk Show[edit]

"Big Brother Talk Show" airs on Sundays. It includes clips of the Saturday of housemates, clips from the past week, discussion about the show with varying guests (seasons 1–5) and live eviction. The show has been hosted by Mari Sainio (seasons 1–2), Vappu Pimiä (seasons 3–5), Susanna Laine (seasons 6–7), Elina Viitanen (seasons 6–8) and again by Sainio (season 9–present).


Season Housemates Days Winner Premiere Date Finale Date Hosts
Big Brother Talk Show
Big Brother Extra
Big Brother 2005 12 96 Perttu Sirviö August 28, 2005 December 1, 2005 Mari Sainio Vappu Pimiä
Big Brother 2006 18 Sari Nygren August 28, 2006 December 1, 2006
Big Brother 2007 20 97 Sauli Koskinen August 28, 2007 December 2, 2007 Vappu Pimiä Janne Kataja
Big Brother 2008 23 Anniina Mustajärvi August 26, 2008 November 30, 2008
Big Brother 2009 22 Aso Alanso August 25, 2009 November 29, 2009 Jani Toivola
Big Brother 2010 28 Niko Nousiainen August 24, 2010 November 28, 2010 Susanna Laine
Elina Viitanen
Elina Viitanen
Big Brother 2011 23 104 Janica Kortman August 30, 2011 December 11, 2011
Big Brother 2012 22 98 Teija Kurvinen August 27, 2012 December 2, 2012 Elina Viitanen Cristal Snow
Julkkis Big Brother 16 41 Jori Kopponen September 3, 2013 October 13, 2013 Mari Sainio
Big Brother 2014 21 83 Andte Gaup-Juuso August 24, 2014 November 14, 2014 Mari Sainio Sauli Koskinen


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