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Big Brother is a reality show broadcast on Kanal A in which a number of contestants live in an isolated house trying to avoid being evicted by the public with the aim of winning a large cash prize at the end of the run. It is based on the international Big Brother format produced by Endemol. It first aired on March 17, 2007.

Series Details[edit]

Regular Season[edit]

Season Network Slogan Season launch Season finale Days Housemates Winner
(Grand prize)
Presenter(s) Ratings share Rating
Big Brother 1 Kanal A Big Brother vas gleda!
(Big Brother is watching you!)
17 March 2007 9 June 2007 85 18 AustraliaAndrej Novak
Nina Osenar 30% 7.8%
Big Brother 2 14 March 2008 14 June 2008 93 17 Naske Mehič
Nina Osenar
& Matej Grm - Gusti
28% 7.2%
Big Brother 3 Pričakuj nepričakovano!
(Expect the unexpected!)
6 March 2015 19 June 2015 106 23 Pia Filipčič
Ana Maria Mitič 19.4%
Big Brother 4 Vem, da si upaš!
(I know you dare!)
Skrivnosti in laži!
(Secrets and lies)
26 February 2016 9 June 2016 104 23 Mirela Lapanović
Manja Plešnar 25,7%

Celebrity Season[edit]

Season Network Slogan Season Launch Season Finale Days Housemates Winner
(Grand Prize)
Presenter Rating Share Rating
Big Brother Slavnih POP TV Ali so slavni drugačni kot vi?
(Are celebrities different than you?)
Prepričajte se na lastne oči.
(Make sure through your eyes.)
3 October 2010 12 December 2010 71 14 Jože Činč
Nina Osenar 43% [1] 13.5%

The house (2007-2010)[edit]

  • A 550 square meter Big Brother house is situated in the backyard of Pro Plus building in Ljubljana.
  • There's 300 m2 dwelling, and 250 for the garden. House's every corner is covered by 22 cameras.
  • Bathroom, toilets, and showers which cannot be locked for security reasons, are also covered by cameras.
  • Essential kitchenware can be found on the kitchen along with sink, electric cooker, oven, refrigerator, and a silverware container.
  • House mates can eat self-cooked meals at a big 12-chair dining table in the dining room.
  • Comfortable divans are found in the living room which can be used in free time.
  • Big Brother house features two four-bedded bedrooms, two of which are double. Every house mate receives one bedding set, which they have to wash and make themselves. Even here every movement and whisper is recorded by cameras.
  • Housemates are frequently called into confessional, where they share their experiences with Big Brother. A person may enter confessional only when empty and green light is lit above it. A chair and table can be found inside.
  • Very important part of the Big Brother house is depository, where much earned food and accessories for various tasks are dropped off. The depository is except on Saturdays and Sundays open only one hour a day, possible break-ins are prevented by electric lock.


Regular Series[edit]

Season Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Big Brother 1 Daily recaps
Live Eviction Show
Live Nomination Show
Big Brother 2 Daily recaps
Live Eviction Show
Live Nomination Show
Weekly recaps
Big Brother 3 Daily recaps
20:00, 21:00, 21:20 or 21:30 (90 minutes)
Live Eviction & Nomination Show
20:00 (120 minutes)
Daily recaps
20:00 (90 minutes)
Big Brother 4 Daily recaps
Big Brother Klub
Live from the Big Brother house
20:00 (60 min + 30 min + 30 min)
Live Eviction Show
Live from the Big Brother house (Nomination)
Daily recaps
20:00 (90 min + 15 min + 30 min)

Celebrity Series[edit]

Season Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Big Brother Slavnih 1 Talk show with evicted housemates
Daily recaps
Live Eviction Show


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