Big Bug Man

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Big Bug Man
Big bug man movie poster.jpg
Official poster
Directed byBob Bendetson
Peter Shin (animation director)[1]
Marice Tobias (voice director)[2]
Produced byStuart Black[3]
Patrick Durham
Jonathan Sachar
Written byBob Bendetson
StarringBrendan Fraser
Marlon Brando
Music byKaryn Rachtman
Studio-Free Studio
CountryUnited States
Budget$20 million[4]

Big Bug Man is an American animated television movie starring Brendan Fraser and Marlon Brando. The movie is a Studio-Free Studios Production, and it was originally to be released between 2006 and 2008, but there is now no news on its release or distribution. The movie is Marlon Brando's last known film work.

The movie is written by Bob Bendetson, who also wrote episodes for the TV show The Simpsons. It is directed by Bendetson and Peter Shin.


Candy company worker Howard Kind (Brendan Fraser) gains special abilities after being bitten by insects.


The film is hand-drawn. The production of the film cost approximately US$20 million.[4]

Marlon Brando during the production[edit]

Brando was originally asked to be the voice of Nicholas Dunderbeck, but Brando thought it would be fun to voice the old lady Mrs. Sour instead.

Mrs. Sour is only in three scenes, so it took only one day to record the voice of this character.[5] According to the director Bob Bendetson, Brando wore a blond wig, a dress, white gloves, and full makeup while recording the voice of Mrs. Sour. Bendetson believes this was part humorous, and part wanting to get into character. Bendetson said "About halfway through he took off the wig because he was getting too hot."[5] According to the film's executive producer Gabriel Grunfeld, Brando described the part as "the most fun I've had since playing Julius Caesar." Grunfeld said that even though Brando was frail, he was full of energy and invention.[4]

The recording took place in Marlon Brando's home, on June 10, 2004. Brando was on oxygen six hours a day.[5] He died the next month, on July 1, 2004.


Big Bug Man characters.
  • Howard Kind - Voiced by Brendan Fraser. A soft and unfortunate employee of the candy factory, who accidentally gets bitten by bugs, and becomes the Big Bug Man
  • Mrs. Sour - Voiced by Marlon Brando. The founder, leader and matriarch of the big and corrupt Mrs. Sour Candy Company
  • Petfarkin
  • Nicholas Dunderbeck - runs the Mrs. Sour Candy Company
  • Elle Rose
  • Sidney Looper
  • Seen It All Jackson
  • Heard It All Jackson - a dog

Michael Madsen also lent his voice to the movie, in an unspecified role.


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