Big City (Billy Crawford album)

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Big City
Big City (Billy Crawford album).jpg
Studio album by Billy Crawford
Released April 12, 2004
Recorded 2003 - 2004
Genre Pop, R&B
Label Universal
Billy Crawford chronology
Big City
It's Time

Big City is the third studio album from Philippine pop and R&B singer, Billy Crawford. The album was originally released in 2004. After the success of his single "Trackin'" selling an excess of 500.000 copies in France and reaching number one in the Netherlands; Billy began work on the "Big City Project". The album was made in collaboration with composers who worked for Usher, Whitney Houston, Tyrese, Britney Spears and Metallica. "I'm tired of people thinking I'm a good boy", explains Billy. "Now it's time to step into something different". It's the start of the Big City project, a third album that spells double or nothing. "I've sung about sixty tunes for the album. When we started the sessions, I didn't know what I wanted. So we went to the studio to lay down tracks, and see how it came out. I spent three months in Atlanta, three in New York, three in London... I want people to see Big City as an adult album".

The album features prominent collaborations with American record producer/recording artist Kovas, whose vocals are featured on the tracks 3 Wishes and Cowboy. About nine tracks were recorded with Kovas and four of them appear on the album. A fifth track titled He Said/She Said appears on the Kovas vs. Billy Crawford single "It's Time" released digitally in 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro" (Welcome To The Big City)
  2. "Steamy Nights"
  3. "Bright Lights"
  4. "Candy Store"
  5. "Magazine"
  6. "3 Wishes"
  7. "Oh Dear"
  8. "Surrender"
  9. "Know You Wanna"
  10. "Why"
  11. "Jump Off"
  12. "Hiccups"
  13. "Cow Boy"
  14. "Go 'N Girl"
  15. "Go Go" (Bonus Track)


  • "Bright Lights" (2004)
  • "Steamy Nights" (2005)
  • "3 Wishes" (2006) *Video Unreleased*