Big City Blues (1997 film)

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Big City Blues
Directed by Clive Fleury
Written by Clive Fleury
Starring Burt Reynolds
William Forsythe
Giancarlo Esposito
Cinematography David Bridges
Edited by Tom Seid
Release date
1997 [1]
Running time
94 min.
Country U.S.
Language English

Big City Blues is a 1997 film about a collection of characters who threaten to cross paths, unknowingly, during a night in the big city. The film focuses on the two hitmen Conner and Hudson, (Burt Reynolds and William Forsythe) who receive their contracts from an Englishman, a beautiful prostitute named Angela who dreams of a career as a model and is searching for her doppelgänger and two transvestites named Babs and Georgie.


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