Big Deal After 20 Years

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Big Deal After 20 Years
(I soliti ignoti vent'anni dopo)
Big Deal After 20 Years.jpg
Film poster
Directed byAmanzio Todini
Produced byCarlo Cucchi
Silvia D'Amico Bendico
Written bySuso Cecchi d'Amico
Agenore Incrocci
Furio Scarpelli
Amanzio Todini
StarringMarcello Mastroianni
Vittorio Gassman
Alessandro Gassman
Music byNino Rota
CinematographyPasqualino De Santis
Edited byRuggero Mastroianni
Distributed byMedusa Film
Release date
  • 1987 (1987)
Running time
99 minutes

Big Deal After 20 Years (Italian: I soliti ignoti vent'anni dopo) is a 1985 Italian comedy film directed by Amanzio Todini.[1]


After several years in prison because of a hit gone wrong, Tiberius released from prison and finds a Rome changed dramatically, appearance and soul. Back home to his wife Teresa and found that, in the meantime, his wife rents the house and "lives" in exchange for money for the rent with another man, by the way very quickly, and also to pay his lawyer has sold all photographic equipment with which Tiberius had plans to build a new life. Out of the house and the man refused the attempt at conciliation with Teresa, Tiberius adapts to sleep inside the carcasses of cars in the junkyard front of the house. Meanwhile, Milan, is back Brunino son, now grown, who immediately stopped an attempt by the father groped a robbery with the outdated method of arm in a cast. Brunino father reveals to his sexual confusion, admitting that they have no interest to any men or women. Resigned to take the ancient activity, Tiberius goes to visit his old friend "Ferribotte" involved in a petrol station in front of San Camillo hospital, to ask where to find the other fellow "adventures" Peppe "Er Pantera ". There also knows Augusto Cruciani, son of Dante Cruciani who twenty years earlier had instructed Tiberius and his gang on how to break into a safe, today Ferribotte complicit in the trade of stolen medicines to the hospital. He went to the home of Peppe look for a place in the shot that was organizing (a transfer of currency in Yugoslavia on behalf of a criminal known as Don Vincenzo 'or banker), Tiberius was rejected by the need to enlist Peppe of a middle- age for the shot. In a desperate attempt to recruit them and otherwise, Tiberius appears dressed as a woman that appointment Peppe had with another woman. Discovered the unlikely disguise Peppe explodes into laughter which, due to age well advanced, the light causes a heart attack and subsequent hospitalization in the care of their Augusto Cruciani. Tiberius then decides to take the place of the transaction Peppe, trying to redeem himself with his friend for the joke that went wrong that caused Peppe the momentary paralysis of the right arm, preventing him to lead the coup.

Not being able to count on Ferribotte, locked up at home by his sister Carmelina now emancipated, and authoritarian working on his brother, Augustus Tiberius folds Aid logistics that provides them with the house of Tivoli, the woman (his mother-in-law) and the machine. Tiberius for traveling Brunino recruit his son, the baby Marisa, the concierge of his old palace, while Ferribotte you autorecluta after having escaped from his sister's house hoping to start a new life of its own with a part of the gain. The unusual group sets off to Trieste where they rendezvous with "those of the North" to hand over the money to take over the border. After going through various problems, including the disappearance of the mother-in-law of Augustus, and the pursuit of the father of the baby (which rivolere threatening to take the child with him the license plate number of the van to denounce the kidnapping of his son), our reach Trieste and then, thanks to the astuteness of Brunino changing the hiding too trivial money, also pass the border. Once delivered the money, the group was told to wait until the afternoon to return to the road, while in the meantime they would take care to review the bus.

During the hours spent in Yugoslavia Brunino finally resolved his doubts sex falling in love reciprocated, Marisa. During the return trip Tiberius realizes that the seat of the van has been changed and Brunino after leaving the bus station for Milan, where he will go along with Marisa and the child, along with Ferribotte discovers that behind the seat is actually hidden of cocaine. Are caught in the act by the client transaction that gives them the money agreed and went with the bus full of drugs, not before Tiberius (which for them is always Peppe "Er Pantera" Marchetti) show them his indignation at the 'happened. And Tiberius, and the old mother-in-law Ferribotte fall to Rome by train, the bus full of drugs is stopped by the police in search of the same due to the complaint made by the father of the child. The villain tries to escape but is hit by bullets fired by the military, while the head is able to leave in another car, despite having to give up the load. On the train, in the meantime, the journey of Tiberius soon turns into a journey through memories, mourning together with Ferribotte the old days, the friends of a time as Capannelle or Cosimo and crime at the time, when you are not invischiava with drug and death, but it paints a more farcical, almost poetic.

Mature then his desire to leave Rome was too much changed for them and to retire to a village outside the door where peaceful for the rest of their lives. During the birthday party Peppe, while all celebrate not only her birthday but also the success of the operation, one of the traffickers shot to death in Peppe just a few seconds after he had exclaimed, "This is the most er ber day of my life ".



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