Big Dirty Band

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The Big Dirty Band
GenresHard rock
Years active2006 (2006)
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The Big Dirty Band is a Canadian supergroup composed of Rush's Geddy Lee (bass) and Alex Lifeson (guitar), Thornley's and Big Wreck's Ian Thornley (vocals and guitar), Three Days Grace's Adam Gontier (vocals and guitar), Die Mannequin's Care Failure (vocals) and The Tea Party drummer Jeff Burrows.

The Big Dirty Band was put together in support of the Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, which premiered October 5, 2006, where Bubbles (Mike Smith) and Alex Lifeson performed their co-written song "Liquor and Whores" with their aptly named back up band "the Shit Rockers".

"I Fought the Law" music video[edit]

The video starts off with the Trailer Park Boys at a music store looking at the CDs (with Rush's "Tom Sawyer" playing) and Bubbles notices the Big Dirty Band CD and wants it, but Julian tells him that they can't afford it. Ricky says that he wants to steal the CD, because Alex still owes him for the "green and black" (referencing the episode "Closer to the Heart"). When he tries to steal it, the alarm is set off, causing the boys to be chased by the security guards. The boys try to escape via a motor scooter when Julian gives an old man some hash for it, but fails. However, they manage to stall the guards with help from a woman that was watering her lawn, football teams, and a bunch of girls whose bikes were taken by the boys. In the end, the security guards catch them underneath an overpass where the band is playing a cover version of the 1959 Sonny Curtis and The Crickets' song "I Fought the Law". Bubbles then comes to the camera and shows the CD cover. Anthony Useless, previously guitarist, songwriter and backing vocalist of Canadian punk/metal outfit Kill Cheerleader, also features in this video as a bass player. He would later become permanent bassist for Care Failure's band, Die Mannequin.

Band members[edit]

In some live shows, Geddy Lee was replaced by Andy Curran, and Adam Gontier didn't play.

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