Big Dumb Face

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Big Dumb Face
Origin United States
Genres Death metal, thrash metal, new wave, country
Years active 1998–2003 (on hiatus since 2003)
Labels Flip, Interscope, Flawless
Associated acts Limp Bizkit, Black Light Burns
Members Chris Gibbs
Kyle Weeks
Greg Isabelle
Wes Borland
Scott Borland

Big Dumb Face is a band formed by Wes and Scott Borland. The singles include Duke Lion, Kali is the Sweethog, Blood Red Head on Fire, and the Modern Rock Top 40 hit Rebel.


Big Dumb Face was a side project of Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland. In 2000 when Wes Borland was writing with Limp Bizkit for their then forthcoming album, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, some of Borland's guitar ideas were not used for the album. Rather than let them go to waste, Borland used some of these guitar ideas, as well as many others, to start a comedic side project, Big Dumb Face. The album was then complete and Big Dumb Face did a brief tour of the United States to promote it. The album was mainly a solo album of Borland's, with his brother Scott and friend Kyle Weeks contributing vocals and keyboards in brief spots.

Wes Borland set the project to the side once he quit Limp Bizkit in 2001 to start up progressive metal outfit Eat the Day with the touring members of Big Dumb Face, but once Eat the Day fell through and Borland briefly rejoined Limp Bizkit in late 2004. Borland recorded and wrote a new Big Dumb Face thrash/death metal song called "Darkness Becomes", which was available on Borland's website, but now is available on the Big Dumb Face website, and another song, "The Goat is Dead", was posted to the band's myspace page around 2009. Neither song included the touring members of the band

Big Dumb Face's primary musical style is humorous and diverse. The tracks on the album range from death/thrash metal (Burgalveist, Blood Red Head on Fire) to the ambiguous (It's Right in Here, Kali Is the Sweethog), to speed country (Duke Lion). The album has many musical ideas loaded into each song, with keyboards, drum machines, live drums, guitars run through synths, bass guitar and trip hop beats thrown into songs.

Borland worked on the album in late 2000, released it in early 2001 and toured for BDF in early to mid-2001.

Style and influences[edit]

The musical style of Big Dumb Face was influenced by Ween and Mr. Bungle.[1] Wes Borland stated that the band's music is "really silly and idiotic and bizarre. [...] It's nothing but stupid [...] just all these retarded songs."[1]


  • Wes Borland (The Tongue of Colicab) - Guitars, Vocals

Borland founded the band with his brother Scott and his best friend Kyle Weeks. On the record, Borland played everything, with help from Scott and Kyle on vocals and a drum machine.

Scott is Borland's younger brother. Kyle along with Borland was in Goatslayer before Big Dumb Face was formed. Scott has also played on many Limp Bizkit songs and was briefly a member of the band early on as keyboardist. He would later join Borland in his progressive metal band Eat the Day

Kyle Weeks is a longtime friend of the Borland brothers and was the third member of Goatslayer. He initially joined the Borland's in Eat the Day, but left early because his wife was about to have a baby.

The aforementioned members of the band went to highschool with Greg, which is how he managed to be a part of Big Dumb Face. Later he joined the Borland brothers in their progressive metal band Eat the Day

Chris Gibbs is another friend of Scott and Greg and was the touring bassist for Big Dumb Face. He is the only member of the touring lineup that did not contribute to Duke Lion Fights the Terror!!, as he was brought in just for live bass guitar.



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