Big Ears (character)

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Big Ears
First appearanceNoddy Goes to Toyland
Created byEnid Blyton
Voiced byMichael Dobson
In-universe information

Big Ears is a fictional character from Noddy series books by Enid Blyton. In Noddy Goes to Toyland he introduces himself as a gnome "or a sort of a hob, or hobgoblin". He explains that though he "hobnobbed" with Noddy who lived in Toytown, he lived in the "hilly, lumpy, bumpy part of town outside of town". He describes his ears as too big, and his striped trousers with the cap which was "either too pointy or not pointy enough".[1] Together with his brother Little Ears, he is the only non-toy in Toyland and Noddy's helper and father figure. He is described as having a white beard, a long, pointed red cap, a blue jacket, a red and white striped shirt and yellow and green striped trousers.[2] His catchphrase is "You funny little Noddy!"

Big Ears' character is somewhat grumpy, yet kind and compassionate. He shows great benevolence to Noddy, acting as a mentor, helping him to understand the world, and on several occasions fiercely fighting for Noddy's rights when injustice is perpetrated against him by other Toyland inhabitants.

Television appearances[edit]


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