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Big Fil was a Christian rock band formed by Rob Bell in 1995 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band performed and toured for several years at Christian schools and universities, with Rob Bell speaking before or after the performance. Big Fil would claim that the style of their music was "Northern Gospel" however later on Rob Bell described his involvement with Big Fil as an involvement with a punk rock band.

The band[edit]

While the exact membership of the band is not known in detail in the beginning, the band was quite dynamic in nature and often involved outsiders sitting in or filling in with various instrument and in various positions.

Their self-titled debut arrived in 1996, with the following lineup:

  • Matt Walker - bass, vocal on "Fifteen," 2nd verse guitar on "Scum"
  • James Littel - drums, backing vocals
  • Rob Bell - vocals, guitar

As of 1997, the cover of Via De La Shekel described the band as being composed of:

  • Todd Hoek - Drums, percussion
  • Matt Walker - Bass, backing vocals, guitar, hair dryer, turntables
  • Rob Bell - Vocals, guitar, harmonica, pianissimo

Additional folks:

  • Bob Buck - Guitar on "I Am A Worm"
  • David Strangebye Houk - organ on "In The Garden, Part 2"


  • Big Fil (1995)
    • Scum Of The World
    • Sitting With Elvis
    • I'm Not Your Grandpa
    • Fifteen
    • Clean
    • Hi! I'm Your Nice friend
    • Swing Me Over Hell On A cornstalk
  • Via De La Shekel (1997, Produced by David Strangebye Houk)
    • If Jesus Came back today
    • Heretic
    • Little Fingers, Little Toes
    • Poser
    • Remember My Dust
    • Dangerous Man
    • Chopping My Goliath
    • Waiting for My Ram
    • Northern Gospel
    • Ray
    • In The Garden, Part 2
    • I Am A Worm
    • Satan's Pants Are On Fire
    • A Tree For Me