Big Frog Mountain

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Big Frog Mountain from the Licklog Ridge Trail in Big Frog Wilderness

Big Frog Mountain is a mountain located in southeastern Tennessee in the Big Frog Wilderness, within the Cherokee National Forest. At 4,224 feet (1,287 m) tall, there is no higher point west of Big Frog Mountain until the Big Bend in Texas or the Black Hills of South Dakota. A network of trails allow hikers to explore the mountain, which gains its distinctive name by, according to some, looking a bit like a frog in profile.

Big Frog Mountain has a long, narrow, and flat top rising gently to it maximum height of 4,224 ft. Large patches of rhododendron can be found on the western part of the mountaintop.

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Coordinates: 34°59′58″N 84°31′46″W / 34.99944°N 84.52944°W / 34.99944; -84.52944