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Bighead or Big Head may refer to:


  • Big-head schizothoracin, a species of fish in the family Cyprinidae found only in Xinjiang, China
  • Bighead carp, a species of freshwater fish that is one of the most intensively exploited fishes in aquaculture
  • Bighead catshark, a species of deep-sea fish in the family Scyliorhinidae found off the coast of Western Australia
  • Bighead goby, either of two species of goby
  • Bighead pupfish, a critically endangered species of pupfish in the family Cyprinodontidae
  • Bighead sculpin, a species of sculpin fish that is endemic to the Lake Baikal watershed in Siberia, Russia
  • Bighead spurdog, a rare and little-known species of dogfish shark in the family Squalidae.





Video games[edit]

  • Big head mode, a type of video game cheat code that enlarges the heads of characters



  • Centaurea macrocephala, a species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae with many common names including Bighead knapweed
  • Juncus megacephalus, the bighead rush, a plant species native to the United States

Other uses[edit]

  • Bighead River, a river in Grey County in southern Ontario, Canada
  • Hydrophis annandalei, common name bighead sea snake, a species of venomous snake in the subfamily Hydrophiinae

See also[edit]

  • Grosse Tête, Louisiana (French for "big head"), a village in Louisiana, United States
  • Megalocephalus (Latin for "big head"), an extinct genus of baphetid amphibian from the late Carboniferous