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Big Hit Entertainment
Native name
(주) 빅히트 엔터테인먼트
Big hiteu enteoteinmeonteu
Private Company
Industry Music & Entertainment
Genre Dance
Founded February 1, 2005 (2005-02-01)
Founder Bang Si-hyuk
Headquarters Seoul Gangnam-gu, 5 30-gil, Hakdong-ro, Floor Yangjin Plaza 5F, South Korea
  • Music production
  • Licensing
  • Record distribution
  • Increase US$ 86 million (2017)
Increase US$ 32,9 million (2017)[2]
Owner Bang Si-hyuk (50.88%)[3]
Netmarble Games (25.71%)[4]
Firm Stick Investments (12%)[5]
Number of employees
83 (2017)[2]

Big Hit Entertainment (Hangul빅히트엔터테인먼트), or BigHit, is a South Korean entertainment company established in 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk. It currently manages soloist Lee Hyun and idol group BTS.


Big Hit Entertainment was founded on February 1, 2005,[6] and signed the vocal trio 8Eight, consisting of Lee Hyun, Baek Chan, and Joo Hee, in 2007.

In 2010, Big Hit Entertainment and JYP Entertainment signed a joint management contract over the boy group 2AM.[7] That year, Bang Si-hyuk launched nationwide auditions and signed RM (formerly known as Rap Monster), the first member of BTS, followed by the other members of the group.[8] BTS made their debut under Big Hit in 2013.[9]

In 2012, the company signed Lim Jeong-hee,[10] and the girl group GLAM was formed as a collaboration between Source Music and Big Hit entertainment. The group was active until 2014, when they disbanded due to controversy over one of the members, Kim Da-hee, who was sentenced to prison following accusations of blackmail in relation to actor Lee Byung-hun.[11][12][13]

Following the end of the joint contract between Big Hit and JYP Entertainment in April 2014, three of the 2AM members returned to JYP, while Lee Chang-min stayed with Big Hit in order to continue with his solo career and as part of the duo Homme.[7] The year also saw the disbandment of 8Eight after Baek Chan and Joo Hee's contracts with Big Hit ended.

In May 2015, Signal Entertainment Group (Signal), a KOSDAQ-listed company specializing in artist management and television production, acquired Big Hit through a KR₩6 billion (~ million) convertible bond. Signal also owns Better ENT, the agency founded by actor Song Seung-heon, as well as another record label, Jungle Entertainment.[14]

In May 2015, Lim Jeong-hee parted ways with Big Hit Entertainment, following the expiration of her three-year contract with the agency.[10]

In early 2017, BigHit ended their stake relationship with Signal Entertainment Group. BigHit issued a 6 billion won convertible bond Signal Entertainment Group in 2015. After a year, Signal Entertainment Group made a full settlement of the bonds.[2][15]

In February 2018, Homme disbanded after member Changmin's contract came to an end. He left the company to start his own agency, while Lee Hyun continued on as a solo artist.[16] In October of the same year Big Hit Entertainment announced BTS renewed and extended their contract for seven years.[17]





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