Big John Steak & Onion

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Big John Steak & Onion
Industry Fast Food Restaurants[1]
Founded 1963/1973
Founder John E. Klobucar
Headquarters Mt. Morris Township, MI[1], USA
Number of locations
Area served
Central Michigan
Key people
John D. Klobucar[1]
Products submarine sandwiches
Number of employees
Website Big Johns Steak &

Big John Steak & Onion, aka Steak and Onion[2] and formerly Slick-Chick, Inc., is a regional sub sandwich chain.[1] The name came from a nickname that the founder, John E. Klobucar, had received from his friends. The chain is considered a restaurant icon of the Flint Area.[3]


John E. Klobucar opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1963 Flint, Michigan, the first outside of the Detroit area.[3][4] He incorporated his business on August 16, 1967 as Slick-Chick, Inc.[5] A decade later in 1973, Klobucar started Big John Steak and Onion,[3][4] the first restaurant to serve submarine sandwiches in the Flint Area.[3] On September 16, 1975, Slick-Chick changed its name to Big John Steak & Onion, Inc.[6] Klobucar later opened a KFC in Owosso, but sold the Flint location. The restaurant grew into a chain of 15 stores across Mid-Michigan.[3]


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