Big Kahuna (series)

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Big Kahuna
Big Kahuna Reef cover.jpeg
Big Kahuna Reef cover, the first game in the series
Genres Puzzle
Developers Reflexive Entertainment
Publishers Reflexive Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Wii
First release Big Kahuna Reef
Latest release Big Kahuna Party

Big Kahuna is a series of puzzle video games created by Reflexive Entertainment. Four games have been released in the series: Big Kahuna Reef, a tile-matching game, in 2004 for the PC; Big Kahuna Words, a boggle-style puzzle game released in 2005 for PC and 2008 for iOS; Big Kahuna Reef 2, a three in a row matchmaking game released in 2006 for PC; and Big Kahuna Party, a WiiWare tile-based party game released in 2008. All of the games in the series feature a Hawaiian theme, with oceans, exotic fish, and tiki heads.

Somewhere around the 7th of December 2017, the server, along with he official website and forums, were promptly taken down. Up-to-date the level sets were available to download, see external links below. And can someone tell where to get all level sets for Big Kahuna Reef and Big Kahuna Reef 2? It looks like the provider removed the server and its forums. ;-(((((((


Big Kahuna Reef[edit]

Big Kahuna Reef is a match-making casual game that involves breaking boxes in order to progress past each level. To beat a level a player must break all the boxes by making chains of objects (such as starfish or shells). Between levels, points are earned that unlock new fish and other undersea creatures. During the interludes between levels, one can create and observe their personal reef and its creatures. The game was released by Reflexive Entertainment in December 2004 for PC and November 2005 for Mac.

There are thousands of additional free user-created levels created by people from around the world (similar to the Ricochet Infinity series).[1]

Big Kahuna Words[edit]

Big Kahuna Words is a boggle-style puzzle game played on a Microsoft Windows PC, and written and distributed by Reflexive Entertainment. In the game, one must break all the boxes by making words (akin to Boggle) in order to progress through the game. Released in November 2005 it was then later published by Magmic Games on BlackBerry OS and iOS in May 2008 and December 2009 respectively.

Big Kahuna Reef 2[edit]

Big Kahuna Reef 2 is the sequel to the original Big Kahuna Reef. This casual game is a three in a row matchmaking game. The player must make strings of objects in order to break the boxes beneath; when all of the boxes are broken the level is complete. Like the title before it, Big Kahuna Reef 2 has thousands of user-made levels that can be downloaded in game, in addition to the standard levels made by the developer. Big Kahuna Reef 2 also introduced power-ups (bombs), hence the extended title Chain Reaction. The game was released by Reflexive Entertainment in June 2006 for PC and May 2008 for Mac.

Big Kahuna Party[edit]

Big Kahuna Party includes a single-player mode and an up to 4 player multiplayer mode. Each level resembles oceanic holiday for players as they match up sea-themed objects. Players have to discover new and exotic fish and explore all 99 levels. Players can swap tiles using either just the Wii Remote, or with both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk. Big Kahuna Party also features explosives, which are created as players make matches of 5 or more. They will vary in sizes from little sticks of dynamite to huge nuclear bombs used to clear out large sections of hard to reach level tiles. The game was released by Reflexive Entertainment in December 15, 2008.

IGN cited that it's an "uninspired rehash" with little lasting appeal.[2], however, stated that it has a nice party element, serving as "the main draw" of the release.[3]