Big Lake (Iowa)

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Big Lake
Big Lake Iowa.gif
Location Allamakee County, Iowa
Coordinates 43°23′57″N 91°13′04″W / 43.3992°N 91.2177°W / 43.3992; -91.2177Coordinates: 43°23′57″N 91°13′04″W / 43.3992°N 91.2177°W / 43.3992; -91.2177
Type Reservoir
Primary inflows Upper Mississippi River
Primary outflows Upper Mississippi River
Basin countries United States

Big Lake is an open body of water surrounded by marshy islands in Navigation Pool 9 of the Upper Mississippi River. It lies where the Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin borders come together, just north of Lansing, Iowa. It is part of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Aerial view looking north, January 14, 2001, with River at floodstage; the Black Hawk Bridge is visible; Big Lake is the open area in the upper part, click to enlarge (USGS, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center)

The Army Corps of Engineers maintains the lake's integrity as fish habitat.