Big O (Ferris wheel)

Coordinates: 35°42′22″N 139°45′14″E / 35.7060725°N 139.7539151°E / 35.7060725; 139.7539151
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Big O

Big O (ビッグ・オー, Biggu ō) is a centerless non-rotating Ferris wheel at Tokyo Dome City in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. Big O has a diameter of 60 metres (200 ft).[1] Tokyo's largest roller coaster, the 130-kilometre-per-hour (81 mph) Thunder Dolphin, passes through the centre of the wheel.[2]

Big O was constructed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.[1][3] Construction was completed in March 2003,[3] and the ferris wheel was opened to the public in May 2003.[1][4] Big O was listed as the world's first centerless Ferris wheel by Guinness World Records.[2][4]

Joysound karaoke machines were added to eight of its forty gondolas in August 2017.[5]


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35°42′22″N 139°45′14″E / 35.7060725°N 139.7539151°E / 35.7060725; 139.7539151