Big Ones (Loverboy album)

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This article is about the Loverboy album. For the Aerosmith album, see Big Ones.
Big Ones
Greatest hits album by Loverboy
Released October 11, 1989
Genre Rock
Length 68:01
Label Columbia
Producer Bruce Fairbairn
Tom Allom
Bob Rock
Loverboy chronology
Big Ones
Loverboy Classics
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Big Ones was a compilation album released in 1989 by the Canadian rock band Loverboy. The album was the band's first compilation, including hit tracks such as "Working for the Weekend" and "Lovin' Every Minute of it". It was also released in the same year that the band decided to take a break, and another compilation would not be released until five years later.

Track listing[edit]

Track Title Composer(s) Length Original Album Previously Unreleased
01 "Working for the Weekend" (Dean/Frenette/Reno) 3:41 Get Lucky
02 "For You" (Dean/Kaos/Reno) 5:57 Yes
03 "The Kid Is Hot Tonight" (Aubin/Dean) 4:29 Loverboy
04 "Lovin' Every Minute Of It" (Lange) 3:34 Lovin' Every Minute Of It
05 "Lucky Ones" (Dean/Reno/Smith/Thurlow) 3:52 Get Lucky
06 "Hot Girls in Love" (Dean/Fairbairn) 4:01 Keep It Up
07 "This Could Be the Night" (Cain/Dean/Reno/Wray) 5:00 Lovin' Every Minute Of It
08 "Ain't Looking For Love" (Dean/Reno) 4:41 Yes
09 "Turn Me Loose" (Dean/Reno) 5:39 Loverboy
10 "Notorious" (BonJovi/Cerney/Dean/Reno/Sambora) 4:41 Wildside
11 "When It's Over" (Dean/Reno) 5:10 Get Lucky
12 "Too Hot" (Dean/Reno) 4:25 Yes
13 "Take Me to the Top" (Dean/Johnson/Reno) 6:13 Get Lucky
14 "Heaven in Your Eyes" (Dean/Dexter/Moore/Reno) 4:02 Top Gun Soundtrack Yes


  • Track 14, while previously released as a single and on the soundtrack to the film Top Gun, was not previously released on any Loverboy album prior to Big Ones.


  • Mike Reno - lead vocals
  • Paul Dean - guitar, backing vocals
  • Doug Johnson - keyboards
  • Scott Smith - bass
  • Matt Frenette - drums


  • Bruce Fairbairn - Producer
  • Paul Dean - Producer
  • Tom Allom - Producer
  • Mark Dodson - Engineer
  • Michael Fraser - Engineer, Assistant Engineer
  • Ken Lomas - Assistant Engineer
  • Bob Rock - Producer, Engineer
  • Randy Staub - Engineer
  • Keith Stein - Engineer
  • Chris Taylor - Assistant Engineer
  • Dave Ogilvie - Assistant Engineer
  • John Dexter - Producer
  • Mark Burdett - Art Direction
  • James O'Mara - Photography
  • Ron Obvious - Assistant Engineer
  • Sandee Bathgate - Production Coordination
  • Rob Porter - Assistant Engineer


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