Big Sandy Rancheria

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Big Sandy Rancheria
of Mono Indians
Total population
96 enrolled members[1]
Regions with significant populations
United States United States (California California)
English, Western Mono[2]
traditional tribal religion, formerly Ghost Dance[3]
Related ethnic groups
other Mono tribes

The Big Sandy Rancheria of Mono Indians of California is a ranchería and federally recognized tribe of Western Mono Indians (Monache) is located in Fresno County, California.[4] As of the 2010 Census the population was 118.[5]


The Big Sandy Rancheria, located just outside the community of Auberry, in Fresno County, is 228 acres (0.92 km2) large. In 1990, 38 tribal members lived on the reservation.[3] In 2009, approximately 158 out of 495 enrolled tribal members lived on the reservation.[citation needed] The reservation is very secluded, and the tribal headquarters is situated within a ring of houses.[6]


Big Sandy Rancheria's tribal headquarters is located in Auberry, California. They are governed by a democratically elected, five-person tribal council. The current administration is as follows:

  • Elizabeth Kipp, Tribal Chairperson
  • Arrow Sample, Vice Chairperson
  • Johnny Baty, Treasurer
  • Lisa D. Garcia, Secretary
  • Amy Hutchins, Member-at-Large[7]

As of 1958, the Auberry Band of the Mono people was called ?unaħpaahtyħ , "that which is on the other side (of the San Joaquin River)" in the Mono language.[8]

Economic development[edit]

The tribe owns and operates the Mono Wind Casino and Broken Arrow Restaurant in Auberry.[9]

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