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Big Satan is a musical project headed by saxophonist Tim Berne. Tom Rainey (drummer) and Marc Ducret (guitarist), both regular collaborators with Berne, comprise the remainder of the band's line up.


The group released its first album, I Think They Liked It, Honey, in 1997, described by Allmusic as "a truly mesmerizing set that rings with ominous overtones and intricately constructed fabrics of sound".[1]

It would be 2004 before the group's second album, Souls Saved Hear, described as "dazzling" by Allmusic, and was also praised by the BBC.[2][3] PopMatters described it as "an adventurous listen for the most discriminating, open-minded listener".[4]

An interview with Berne and a live set from The Vortex Jazz Club in London was broadcast by BBC Radio 3.[5]

Their style of music is out-jazz or avant garde. Adopting many of previous out-jazz originators (like Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, etc.), Big Satan's sound is aggressive but with a sense of humor.



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