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Muchmusic's Big Shiny Tunes
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Compilation album series by Various Artists

Big Shiny Tunes is a series of rock albums compiled and released by the Canadian music television station MuchMusic, and through MusiquePlus in Quebec, beginning in 1996. The best-selling album of the series was Big Shiny Tunes 2, which was certified Diamond in Canada (1,000,000 units) by the CRIA on March 25, 1998.[1] It has been cited as the best-selling album series in Canadian history,[2][3] with 5 million albums sold in ten years.[4]


The Big Shiny Tunes albums are each thought to be composed of a combination of rock songs that are major hits by well-known artists, less successful songs by well-known artists and songs by more obscure artists, released in the same year as the albums' publication.[5] There are a combination of Canadian, British and American performers. One common feature among the selected artists is that they are attached to Universal Music, Warner Bros., EMI Music Canada, and/or MuchMusic, who come together to produce Big Shiny Tunes albums.[2] The most frequently appearing band in the Big Shiny Tunes series is Nickelback, who appeared on 7 releases in the series (Big Shiny Tunes 5, 7-11, and 14.)

Part of the appeal of the series is that those who do not usually buy albums will find Big Shiny Tunes provides several well-known songs, as opposed to a CD by a single artist whose non-single tracks may be relatively unfamiliar.[2] The music is aimed at teenagers and young adults.[6] There has been some criticism of consistency in regards to the use of censored versus uncensored versions of songs from album to album (Big Shiny Tunes 6 carried a label stating that some songs contained coarse language, while the previous and following albums had censored songs by Matthew Good, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Not By Choice and Wheatus).

In addition to the ordinary albums in the series, MuchMusic also released albums that compile the biggest hits across a span of years, such as Big Shiny 80s (2005) that included classics like Billy Idol's "White Wedding." There have also been two volumes of Big Shiny 90s released.


The album Big Shiny Tunes was released in 1996. A new edition was released every year after until 2009, with Big Shiny Tunes 2 being particularly successful (the second and third albums alone account for over 2,000,000 of the albums sold under the brand).[7] Big Shiny Tunes 2 had been accompanied by heavy advertising.[8] The next year, MuchMusic assembled Big Shiny Tunes 3 by having its audience vote on which songs they would like to have included, a novel process.[9] The success of the series continued as Big Shiny Tunes 6 sold 68,500 copies in its first week in 2001, more than any other album in Canada that week.[10]

However, the series soon lost its predominance with the growth in popularity of rap music, as the next year Big Shiny Tunes 7 was outsold in its first week in Canada by Eminem's soundtrack to the film 8 Mile. Still, Big Shiny Tunes 7 sold 25,100 copies that week.[10] Big Shiny Tunes 8, released in 2003, also made the best-seller list in Canada.[11] The last album in the series, Big Shiny Tunes 14, was released on October 20, 2009. As of 2010, the series is on an indefinite hiatus.

Charts and certifications[edit]

Year Title Chart positions Certifications
1996 Big Shiny Tunes 3 3× Platinum
1997 Big Shiny Tunes 2 1 Diamond
1998 Big Shiny Tunes 3 1 8× Platinum
1999 Big Shiny Tunes 4 1 8× Platinum
2000 Big Shiny Tunes 5 1 6× Platinum
2001 Big Shiny Tunes 6 1
2002 Big Shiny Tunes 7 2 3× Platinum
2002 Big Shiny 90's 5 2× Platinum
2003 Big Shiny 90's Volume 2 -
2003 Big Shiny Tunes 8 4 2× Platinum
2004 Big Shiny Tunes 9 7 Platinum
2004 Big Shiny 80's -
2005 Big Shiny Tunes 10 7
2006 Big Shiny Tunes 11 6 Platinum
2007 Big Shiny Tunes 12 10 Gold
2008 Big Shiny Tunes 13 21
2009 Big Shiny Tunes 14 -


Big Shiny Tunes[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes
Compilation album by Various
Released 12/3/1996
Length 71:08
Label Universal Music, MCA
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes
Big Shiny Tunes 2
1."One More Astronaut"I Mother Earth5:24
3."Tahitian Moon"Porno for Pyros3:47
5."Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"Marilyn Manson4:52
6."Scooby Snacks"Fun Lovin' Criminals3:02
7."Just a Girl"No Doubt3:28
8."Aeroplane"Red Hot Chili Peppers4:44
9."The Good in Everyone"Sloan2:16
10."King of New Orleans"Better Than Ezra4:07
12."Alone + Easy Target"Foo Fighters4:05
15."Angry Johnny"Poe4:19
16."Rave + Drool"The Killjoys4:00

Note: Was certified 3x Platinum (300,000 units) in Canada on April 24, 1997.[1]

Big Shiny Tunes 2[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 2
Compilation album by Various
Released 12/2/1997
Length 66:22
Label WEA
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes
Big Shiny Tunes 2
Big Shiny Tunes 3
1."Breathe"The Prodigy3:59
2."Song 2"Blur2:02
3."Semi-Charmed Life"Third Eye Blind4:52
4."Walkin' on the Sun"Smash Mouth3:25
5."Fly"Sugar Ray Featuring Super Cat4:52
6."Drinking in L.A."Bran Van 30003:56
7."The Beautiful People"Marilyn Manson3:41
8."Numb"Holly McNarland3:56
10."Push"Matchbox Twenty3:59
11."Precious Declaration" (Remix)Collective Soul3:38
12."Temptation" (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)The Tea Party2:45
13."Block Rockin' Beats"The Chemical Brothers3:25
14."My Old Self"Wide Mouth Mason3:47
15."Paranoid Android"Radiohead6:23
16."Remote Control"The Age of Electric3:39
17."Lady Picture Show"Stone Temple Pilots4:07

Note: Best-selling album of the series. Was certified Diamond in Canada (1,000,000 units) on March 25, 1998.[1]

Big Shiny Tunes 3[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 3
Compilation album by Various
Released 12/1/1998
Length 70:48
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 2
Big Shiny Tunes 3
Big Shiny Tunes 4
1."Ava Adore"The Smashing Pumpkins4:20
2."The Way"Fastball4:16
3."My Hero"Foo Fighters4:20
4."Apparitions"Matthew Good Band4:00
5."Closing Time"Semisonic4:38
6."One Week"Barenaked Ladies2:52
7."Three MC's and One DJ"Beastie Boys2:50
8."Dragula" (The Hot Rod Herman Mix)Rob Zombie4:30
9."How's It Going to Be"Third Eye Blind4:14
10."Money City Maniacs"Sloan3:53
11."Fly Away"Lenny Kravitz3:41
12."Pure Morning"Placebo3:52
13."Push It"Garbage4:01
14."Karma Police"Radiohead4:20
15."Iris"Goo Goo Dolls4:52
16."That Song"Big Wreck5:04
17."Space Lord"Monster Magnet5:55

Note: Was certified 8x Platinum in Canada (800,000 units) on February 19, 1999.[1]

Big Shiny Tunes 4[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 4
Compilation album by Various
Released 11/23/1999
Length 68:29
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 3
Big Shiny Tunes 4
Big Shiny Tunes 5
1."American Woman"Lenny Kravitz4:21
2."Breathe" (TLA Mix)Moist4:46
3."Someday"Sugar Ray4:02
4."Hello Time Bomb"Matthew Good Band3:57
5."What's My Age Again?"Blink-1822:30
6."Slide"Goo Goo Dolls3:32
7."Praise You"Fatboy Slim5:22
8."Bawitdaba"Kid Rock4:25
9."All Star"Smash Mouth3:20
10."Heaven Coming Down"The Tea Party4:00
11."Let Forever Be"The Chemical Brothers Featuring Noel Gallagher3:55
12."Blue Monday"Orgy4:25
13."Scar Tissue"Red Hot Chili Peppers3:36
14."Summertime in the Void"I Mother Earth4:57
15."Anthem for the Year 2000"Silverchair4:07
16."Mistake"Serial Joe3:08
17."You Don't Know What It's Like"Econoline Crush4:06

Note: Was certified 8x Platinum in Canada (800,000 units) on November 6, 2000.[1]

Big Shiny Tunes 5[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 5
Compilation album by Various
Released 11/28/2000
Length 71:25
Label WEA (Canada)
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 4
Big Shiny Tunes 5
Big Shiny Tunes 6
1."Bent"Matchbox Twenty4:16
2."Load Me Up"Matthew Good Band3:41
3."Kryptonite"3 Doors Down3:55
4."Sour Girl"Stone Temple Pilots4:18
5."The Bad Touch"Bloodhound Gang3:40
6."American Psycho"Treble Charger3:25
7."Take a Picture"Filter4:23
9."Adam's Song"Blink-1824:08
10."Re-Arranged"Limp Bizkit4:09
11."Teenage Dirtbag"Wheatus4:02
12."Otherside"Red Hot Chili Peppers4:16
13."Makes No Difference"Sum 413:10
14."Change (In the House of Flies)"Deftones3:58
16."More"j. Englishman3:23
17."Only God Knows Why"Kid Rock4:16

Note: Was certified 6x Platinum (600,000 units) in Canada on December 6, 2001.[13]

Big Shiny Tunes 6[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 6
Compilation album by Various
Released 11/13/2001
Length 67:03
Label Universal
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 5
Big Shiny Tunes 6
Big Shiny Tunes 7
1."One Step Closer"Linkin Park2:36
2."The Rock Show"Blink-1822:52
3."Flavor of the Weak"American Hi-Fi3:08
4."Fat Lip"Sum 412:58
5."Wasting My Time"Default4:28
6."My Way"Limp Bizkit4:33
7."Control"Puddle of Mudd3:48
8."Hash Pipe"Weezer3:06
9."Days of the Week"Stone Temple Pilots2:35
10."When It's Over"Sugar Ray3:37
11."Life"Our Lady Peace4:16
12."Clint Eastwood"Gorillaz5:41
13."South Side"Moby3:48
14."I Love Myself Today"Bif Naked3:30
15."Be Like That"3 Doors Down4:25
16."Alone in the Universe"David Usher3:54
18."Walking Wounded"The Tea Party4:38

Note: Sold 68,500 copies in its first week.[10] However, it has not been certified by the CRIA.

Big Shiny Tunes 7[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 7
Compilation album by Various
Released 11/12/2002
Length 64:51
Label Universal
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 6
Big Shiny Tunes 7
Big Shiny Tunes 8
1."Too Bad"Nickelback3:51
2."Youth of the Nation"P.O.D.4:16
3."It's Been Awhile"Staind4:25
4."Drift & Die"Puddle of Mudd4:22
5."Nothing Could Come Between Us"Theory of a Deadman3:25
6."Brother Down"Sam Roberts4:22
7."In My Place"Coldplay3:47
8."Weapon"Matthew Good4:54
9."Sweetness"Jimmy Eat World3:36
10."Standing All Alone"Not By Choice2:49
11."In Too Deep"Sum 413:26
12."My Friends Over You"New Found Glory3:40
13."Dope Nose"Weezer2:15
14."Hero"Chad Kroeger Featuring Josey Scott3:10
15."Lovercall"Danko Jones2:52
16."Get Free"The Vines2:05
17."She Loves Me Not"Papa Roach3:29
18."Where Do We Go From Here?"Filter4:07

Note: Was certified 3x Platinum (300,000 units) in Canada on September 17, 2009.[14]

Big Shiny Tunes 8[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 8
Compilation album by Various
Released 11/18/2003
Length 64:17
Label Warner
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 7
Big Shiny Tunes 8
Big Shiny Tunes 9
1."Somewhere I Belong"Linkin Park3:35
2."Just Because"Jane's Addiction3:51
3."Girl's Not Grey"AFI3:10
4."Dosed"Red Hot Chili Peppers4:34
5."Go with the Flow"Queens of the Stone Age3:03
6."I Hate Everything About You"Three Days Grace3:50
7."The Hell Song"Sum 413:18
8."Swing, Swing"The All-American Rejects3:26
9."Where Have All the Good People Gone?"Sam Roberts3:56
10."Addicted"Simple Plan3:53
11."Point to Prove"Theory of a Deadman3:38
12."Bye Bye Boyfriend"Fefe Dobson4:08
13."Flat on the Floor"Nickelback2:02
15."Now That You're Leaving"Not by Choice3:25
16."The Scientist"Coldplay5:09
17."Give Up the Grudge"Gob2:57
18."Get Loose"The Salads2:24

Note: Was certified 2x Platinum (200,000 units) in Canada on January 22, 2004.[15]

Big Shiny Tunes 9[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 9
Compilation album by Various
Released 11/9/2004
Length 61:36
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 8
Big Shiny Tunes 9
Big Shiny Tunes 10
1."River Below"Billy Talent2:58
2."Somebody Told Me"The Killers3:16
3."Everybody's Fool"Evanescence3:14
4."Take Me Out"Franz Ferdinand3:57
5."Feeling This"Blink-1822:53
6."One Thing"Finger Eleven4:37
7."Cold Hard Bitch"Jet3:52
8."Figured You Out"Nickelback3:47
9."Ocean Avenue"Yellowcard3:17
10."Walk Idiot Walk"The Hives3:31
11."Get Your Hands off My Woman"The Darkness2:45
12."Writing's on the Wall"The Tea Party2:40
13."Where Are We Runnin'?"Lenny Kravitz2:42
14."Come Again"Thornley3:47
16."I Believe"The Marble Index3:39
17."Same Direction"Hoobastank3:15

Note: Was certified Platinum in Canada (100,000 units) on March 22, 2005.[16]

Big Shiny Tunes 10[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 10
Compilation album by Various
Released 11/22/2005
Length 66:06
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 9
Big Shiny Tunes 10
Big Shiny Tunes 11
1."Helena"My Chemical Romance3:23
2."Speed of Sound"Coldplay4:48
3."All These Things That I've Done"The Killers5:01
4."All That I've Got"The Used3:23
5."Fight for All the Wrong Reasons"Nickelback3:42
6."Beverly Hills"Weezer3:16
7."Some Say"Sum 413:12
9."Nothing to Lose"Billy Talent3:37
10."When the Night Feels My Song"Bedouin Soundclash3:06
11."Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)"Simple Plan3:57
12."Feel Good Inc."Gorillaz Featuring De La Soul3:41
13."Santa Monica"Theory of a Deadman4:05
14."No Transitory"Alexisonfire3:15
15."Middle of Nowhere"Hot Hot Heat4:00
16."Little Sister"Queens Of The Stone Age2:54
17."Montreal Calling"Mobile3:06
18."Dirty Water"k-os Featuring Sam Roberts4:14

Notes: When the track listing was originally shown via online music stores such as Mymusic before the official site opened, songs by Green Day, Audioslave, System of a Down, Arcade Fire, Beck, and the Foo Fighters were shown to be on the album.[17]

Big Shiny Tunes 11[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 11
Compilation album by Various
Released November 7, 2006
Length 71:52
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 10
Big Shiny Tunes 11
Big Shiny Tunes 12
1."Miss Murder"AFI3:18
2."Devil in a Midnight Mass"Billy Talent2:51
3."This Could Be Anywhere In the World"Alexisonfire4:00
4."MakeDamnSure"Taking Back Sunday3:28
6."Animal I Have Become"Three Days Grace3:50
7."The Kill (Bury Me)"Thirty Seconds to Mars3:45
8."Hate Me"Blue October4:17
9."Move Along"The All-American Rejects3:57
10."See Right Through Me"Mobile4:13
11."The Gate"Sam Roberts4:13
12."The Adventure"Angels & Airwaves4:40
13."Poster of a Girl"Metric4:43
14."Lights and Sounds"Yellowcard2:50
15."Writing on the Walls"Underøath4:03
16."Bat Country"Avenged Sevenfold5:12
18."Twisted Transistor"Korn2:59
19."Heaven Help Us" (bonus track)My Chemical Romance2:54

Notes: The album's official site also lists "Stricken" by Disturbed as being on the album as well, but it doesn't appear in the final product. The album was certified Platinum in Canada (100,000 units) on February 1, 2007.[18]

Big Shiny Tunes 12[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 12
Compilation album by Various
Released November 20, 2007
Length 62:19
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 11
Big Shiny Tunes 12
Big Shiny Tunes 13
1."Paralyzer"Finger Eleven3:27
2."3's & 7's"Queens of the Stone Age3:34
3."The Good Left Undone"Rise Against3:02
4."Never Too Late"Three Days Grace3:29
5."Wake Up Call"Maroon 53:21
6."The Take Over, The Breaks Over"Fall Out Boy3:33
7."Surrender"Billy Talent4:06
8."Shake Tramp"Marianas Trench3:35
9."Nothing Special"illScarlett3:29
10."Underclass Hero"Sum 413:16
11."Old Habits Die Hard"Ten Second Epic3:44
12."The Heinrich Maneuver"Interpol3:29
13."The Bird And The Worm"The Used3:47
14."Rough Hands"Alexisonfire3:48
15."Walls Fall Down"Bedouin Soundclash2:31
16."Flathead"The Fratellis3:18
17."Face Down"The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus3:12

Note: Was certified Gold in Canada (50,000 units) on July 30, 2008.[19]

Big Shiny Tunes 13[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 13
Compilation album by Various
Released October 28, 2008
Length 66:37
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 12
Big Shiny Tunes 13
Big Shiny Tunes 14
1."Pork and Beans"Weezer3:09
2."Violet Hill"Coldplay3:18
3."Inside the Fire"Disturbed3:51
4."Tessellate"Tokyo Police Club2:37
5."Given Up"Linkin Park3:09
7."Make It wit Chu"Queens of the Stone Age4:52
8."Weighty Ghost"Wintersleep3:04
9."Rise Above This"Seether3:23
10."Nine in the Afternoon"Panic! at the Disco3:13
11."Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole"Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker3:46
12."Them Kids"Sam Roberts3:57
13."Love Is Noise"The Verve5:27
14."Saved By Strangers"Die Mannequin3:23
15."Sequoia Throne"Protest the Hero3:13
16."Always Where I Need to Be"The Kooks2:40
17."Salute Your Solution"The Raconteurs3:01
18."Addicted"Saving Abel3:43
19."Youth Games"The Mission District3:05

Big Shiny Tunes 14[edit]

Big Shiny Tunes 14
Compilation album by Various
Released October 20, 2009
Length 74:11
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny Tunes 13
Big Shiny Tunes 14
1."Know Your Enemy"Green Day3:10
2."Audience of One"Rise Against4:05
3."Too Many Rappers"Beastie Boys Featuring Nas4:23
4."Rusted from the Rain"Billy Talent4:14
5."Real World"The All-American Rejects4:04
7."Burn It to the Ground"Nickelback3:30
8."Young Cardinals"Alexisonfire3:38
9."Check My Brain"Alice in Chains3:58
10."Blood on My Hands"The Used3:19
11."Bad Medicine"Die Mannequin3:30
12."All to Myself"Marianas Trench3:10
13."All You Did Was Save My Life"Our Lady Peace3:48
14."Oh, the Boss Is Coming!"Arkells3:40
15."Second Chance"Shinedown3:40
16."So Over You"The Mission District3:13
17."Every Day"Ten Second Epic Featuring Lights3:27
18."Careless Whisper"Seether4:56
19."She's a Genius"Jet2:59
20."All Over Me"Default3:49

Big Shiny '90s[edit]

Big Shiny '90s
Compilation album by Various
Released January 2002
Length 132:11
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny '90s
Big Shiny '90s Volume 2

Disc 1:

1."Dammit"Blink-182 (1997)2:46
2."Been Caught Stealing"Jane's Addiction (1990)3:31
3."Mysterious Ways"U2 (1991)4:01
4."Wonderwall"Oasis (1995)4:19
5."The Rockafeller Skank"Fatboy Slim (1998)4:00
6."Cowboy"Kid Rock (1999)4:06
7."Indestructible"Matthew Good Band (1997)3:24
8."Fake Plastic Trees"Radiohead (1995)4:50
9."What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"R.E.M. (1994)3:59
10."Lightning Crashes"Live (1995)5:25
11."The Oaf (My Luck Is Wasted)"Big Wreck (1998)3:56
12."3 A.M."Matchbox Twenty (1997)3:46
13."Tomorrow"Silverchair (1994)4:26
14."Zombie"The Cranberries (1994)5:06
15."Everything Zen"Bush (1994)4:38
16."Friday I'm in Love"The Cure (1992)3:34
17."Sex and Candy"Marcy Playground (1998)2:54
Total length:68:41

Disc 2:

1."No Rain"Blind Melon (1992)3:36
2."Santa Monica"Everclear (1997)3:12
3."The Impression That I Get"The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (1997)3:13
4."Shine"Collective Soul (1993/1997)3:55
5."What It's Like"Everlast (1998)4:36
6."Never Let You Go"Third Eye Blind (2000)3:56
7."Only Happy When It Rains"Garbage (1996)3:55
8."Pets"Porno for Pyros (1993)3:36
9."What I Got"Sublime (1996)3:02
10."Volcano Girls"Veruca Salt (1997)3:18
11."All That You Are"Econoline Crush (1997)3:40
12."Epic"Faith No More (1990)4:51
13."Push"Moist (1994)3:50
14."In the Meantime"Spacehog (1996)4:58
15."Stutter"Elastica (1994)2:22
16."Enjoy the Silence"Depeche Mode (1990)4:14
17."Someone Who's Cool"Odds (1997)3:16
Total length:63:30

Note: Was certified 2x Platinum (200,000 units) in Canada in February 2004.[20]

Big Shiny '90s Volume 2[edit]

Big Shiny '90s Volume 2
Compilation album by Various
Released December 9, 2003
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny '90s
Big Shiny '90s Volume 2
Big Shiny '80s

Disc 1:

1."Buddy Holly"Weezer (1994)2:40
2."Champagne Supernova"Oasis (1996)7:28
3."All the Small Things"Blink-182 (1999/2000)2:51
4."Numb"U2 (1993)4:20
5."Stop!"Jane's Addiction (1990)4:14
6."Cannonball"The Breeders (1993)3:35
7."Girls & Boys"Blur (1994)4:48
8."Underwhelmed"Sloan (1992)4:43
9."Good"Better Than Ezra (1995)3:06
10."All Over You"Live (1994)3:59
11."Gel"Collective Soul (1994)2:58
12."Everything to Everyone"Everclear (1997)3:20
13."Hey Man, Nice Shot"Filter (1995)4:22
14."Firestarter"The Prodigy (1996)3:47
15."More Human than Human"White Zombie (1995)4:29
16."Block Rockin' Beats"The Chemical Brothers (1997)5:14
17."Glycerine"Bush (1995)4:26
Total length:66:60

Disc 2:

1."The Dope Show"Marilyn Manson (1998)3:47
2."Celebrity Skin"Hole (1998)2:43
3."Walkin' on the Sun"Smash Mouth (1997)3:26
4."Jumper"Third Eye Blind (1998)4:33
5."The Old Apartment"Barenaked Ladies (1997)3:26
6."So Gently We Go (Edit)"I Mother Earth (1994)3:59
7."Right Here, Right Now"Jesus Jones (1990/1991)3:08
8."Eat My Brain"Odds (1997)4:26
9."Drive"R.E.M. (1993)4:25
10."When I Grow Up"Garbage (1998)3:24
11."Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand"Primitive Radio Gods (1996)5:35
12."Lovefool"The Cardigans (1996)3:14
13."Policy of Truth"Depeche Mode (1990)5:14
14."Salvation"The Cranberries (1996)2:24
15."Sparkle and Shine"Econoline Crush (1998)3:41
16."Silver"Moist (1995)4:16
17."Pictures of You"The Cure (1990)4:48
Total length:63:09

Big Shiny '80s[edit]

Big Shiny '80s
Compilation album by Various
Released 2004
Label EMI Music Canada
Various chronology
Big Shiny '90s Volume 2
Big Shiny '80s

Disc 1:

  1. The Buggles – "Video Killed the Radio Star" (1979)
  2. Gary Numan – "Cars" (1980)
  3. Blondie – "Call Me" (1980)
  4. Duran Duran – "Hungry Like the Wolf" (1984)
  5. A Flock of Seagulls – "I Ran (So Far Away)" (1981)
  6. The Fixx – "One Thing Leads to Another" (1985)
  7. Talk Talk – "It's My Life" (1983)
  8. INXS – "Original Sin" (1989)
  9. David Bowie – "Modern Love" (1983)
  10. Peter Gabriel – "Shock the Monkey" (1983)
  11. The Cars – "You Might Think" (1981)
  12. Devo – "Whip It" (1981)
  13. Martha and the Muffins – "Echo Beach" (1980)
  14. Squeeze – "Another Nail in My Heart" (1983)
  15. Nena – "99 Luftballons" (1982)

Disc 2:

  1. The Clash – "Train in Vain" (1980)
  2. The Boomtown Rats – "I Don't Like Mondays" (1979)
  3. Billy Idol – "White Wedding" (1982/1984)
  4. The Pretenders – "Back on the Chain Gang" (1983)
  5. Fine Young Cannibals – "Suspicious Minds" (1987)
  6. Ramones – "Rock 'n' Roll High School" (1980)
  7. The B-52's – "Love Shack" (1989)
  8. Rough Trade – "High School Confidential" (1986)
  9. The Psychedelic Furs – "Love My Way" (1982)
  10. Split Enz – "I Got You" (1985)
  11. The Dream Academy – "Life in a Northern Town" (1986)
  12. Chalk Circle – "April Fool" (1985)
  13. Tears for Fears – "Pale Shelter" (1982)
  14. The Cure – "In Between Days" (1987)
  15. Naked Eyes – "Always Something There to Remind Me" (1983)

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