Big Shrimpin'

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Big Shrimpin'
Big shrimpin.jpg
Big Shrimpin' Logo
Genre Reality
Starring Cpt. Redbone
Cpt. Bullfrog
Cpt. Roundhead
Dominick Ficarino
Narrated by Jerry Buckner
Composer(s) Vanacore Music
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Craig Piligian
Eddie Rohwedder
David M. Barsky
Susan Werbe
Producer(s) Mark Duncan
Numa Fernandez
June Molgaard
Greg Tillman
Derek "Scoop" Whipple
Joe Talley
Joe Quigley
Mike Piscitelli
Editor(s) Tony Diaz
Todd Felker
Kirk Kirkman
Allison MacEwan
Jeff Thurlow
Location(s) Texas, Alabama, Louisiana (Southern United States/Gulf Coast)
Camera setup Multiple (Kip Robbins, Chris Knoblock)
Running time 45-48 minutes
Production company(s) Pilgrim Films
A&E Television Networks
Original channel History
Original release November 17, 2011 (2011-11-17) – January 5, 2012 (2012-01-05)
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Big Shrimpin' was an American reality television series that premiered on November 17, 2011 on the History channel. The series follows three longtime shrimpers from Bayou La Batre, Alabama who are employed for Dominick Ficarino, who owns Dominick's Seafood. They battle each other, other companies, and harsh conditions as they shrimp for several months nonstop in the waters of Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana.[1]


Dominick's Seafood[edit]

  • Dominick Ficarino - He presides over the entire enterprise and is a lifelong Bayou La Batre resident and fourth-generation shrimper who owns Dominick’s Seafood, the most successful business in town. He’s a boss with an iron fist in a velvet glove, and his crews are loyal to a fault.[1]

Miss Hannah Crew[edit]

  • Captain: Charles ("Redbone") - He is the commander of the Miss Hannah and is a fourth-generations shrimper. He claims that he has 5 decades of experience because his mother gave birth to him on a shrimping boat 50 years ago. His personality can stir up trouble with his crew though in the tight quarters of the boat.[2]
  • Deckhand: Charles Jr. ("Red")[2]
  • Deckhand: Chad ("Pecker Head")[2]
  • Deckhand: BJ[2]

Miss Barbara Crew[edit]

  • Captain: Jeremy Schjott ("Bullfrog") - He is the ruler of the roost of the Miss Barbara. He is 32 and is Dominick's youngest captain. He used to be a deckhand and has now commanded his own ship for 8 years. He is a practical joker and is dead serious about his job.[3]
  • Deckhand: Larry Godsey ("Dog")[3]
  • Deckhand: Michael Shawn Robbins[3]
  • Deckhand: Mikey Mo Robbins[3]

Miss Ashleigh Crew[edit]

  • Captain: Roy Wilkerson ("Roundhead") - He considers himself as one of the best shrimpers in the business. He has had bad luck come his way the past few years. His son Jonathan works on the boat with him and they have a testy relationship.[4]
  • Deckhand: Jonathan Wilkerson ("Little Roundhead")[4]
  • Deckhand: Joe Covas[4]
  • Deckhand: Bryant St. Amant ("Little Fella")[4]
  • Deckhand: Bobby Ray[4]


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