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Big Sky
StarringGary Sweet
Ally Fowler
Rhys Muldoon
Martin Henderson
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
Producer(s)John Edwards
Original networkNetwork Ten
Original release1997 – 1999

Big Sky was an Australian television drama series produced by John Edwards that ran for two seasons on Network Ten from 1997 to 1999.

The show centred on the adventures of the pilots of a small aviation company in Australia called "Big Sky Aviation" and the battles of the owner to keep the company running. Chief pilot Chris Manning is determined to look after his team, even if that conflicts with the new boss, Lauren Allen, who has inherited the company following the death of her father.



Episode list[edit]

(Season One)

  1. The Principal
  2. Navstar
  3. The McCourt Family
  4. It Only Takes One
  5. Growing Pains
  6. Good Luck Baby
  7. No Turning Back
  8. Lost & Found
  9. Coming to Terms
  10. Balloon Girl
  11. Great Expectations
  12. Sweet Revenge
  13. Mortal Stakes
  14. The Sky is Calling
  15. The Duke of Yarrigul
  16. Simple Twist of Fate
  17. Mile Low Club
  18. Triskadelaphobia
  19. Mac's Time
  20. Boxed In
  21. Paradise
  22. It's No Secret
  23. The Return of Jimbo Jones
  24. Fly Me to the Moon
  25. Future, Past & Present
  26. The Ticking Croc
  27. Down the Slot
  28. Have a Little Faith
  29. You Must Remember This
  30. The Right Thing
  31. Fade to Black
  32. Blind Spot
  33. Getting Warmer
  34. Searching for You
  35. Wishing & Hoping
  36. The Choice
  37. Dark Horses
  38. Edge of Reality
  39. Just Between Us
  40. Phase Five

(Season Two)

  1. Lightfoot
  2. The Price of Freedom
  3. Stand by Your Man
  4. The Things We Do for Love
  5. A Family Affair
  6. The Wrong Box
  7. Friends in High Places
  8. Shadow Chasers
  9. The Heart of the Matter
  10. Secrets and Lies
  11. Desperate Measures
  12. Missing in Action
  13. Ultimate Commitments

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