Big Sky Conference 50 Greatest Male Athletes

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The Big Sky Conference 50 Greatest Male Athletes list was created in 2013 by the conference to celebrate its 50th anniversary of sponsoring male collegiate athletics. The Big Sky Conference has released names, in groups of five, since the start of the year, going from 50 to 1.

Big Sky Conference 50 Greatest Male Athletes[edit]

Number Athlete Sport School
1 Dave Dickenson Football Montana
2 Larry Krystkowiak Basketball Montana
3 John Friesz Football Idaho
4 Shannon Butler Track & field Montana State
5 Jan Stenerud Football Montana State
6 Damian Lillard Basketball Weber State
7 Lopez Lomong Track & field Northern Arizona
8 Jared Allen Football Idaho State
9 Jamie Martin Football Weber State
10 David McNeill Track & field Northern Arizona
11 Kamy Keshmiri Track & field Nevada
12 Erik Meyer Football Eastern Washington
13 Rodney Stuckey Basketball Eastern Washington
14 Frank Hawkins Football Nevada
15 Doug Brown Track & field Montana
16 Archie Amerson Football Northern Arizona
17 Willie Humes Basketball Idaho State
18 Charles Roberts Football Sacramento State
19 Eugene Greene Track & field Boise State
20 Bo Levi Mitchell Football Eastern Washington
21 Farley Gerber Track & field Weber State
22 Michael Roos Football Eastern Washington
23 Kroy Biermann Football Montana
24 Chris Childs Basketball Boise State
25 Harold Arceneaux Basketball Weber State
26 Randy Trautman Football Boise State
27 Scott Shields Football Weber State
28 Orlando Lightfoot Basketball Idaho
29 Diego Estrada Track & field Northern Arizona
30 Doug Nussmeier Football Idaho
31 Michael Ray Richardson Basketball Montana
32 Mike Gove Golf Weber State
33 David Morris Track & field Montana
34 Merril Hoge Football Idaho State
35 Charles Dunn Football Portland State
36 Willie Sojourner Basketball Weber State
37 J. C. Sherritt Football Eastern Washington
38 Jake Jacoby Track & field Boise State
39 Greg Peach Football Eastern Washington
40 Charles Clinger Track & Field Weber State
41 Shawn Collins Football Northern Arizona
42 Jerry Henderson Football Idaho
43 Wiley King Track & field Weber State
44 Bruce Collins Basketball Weber State
45 Steve Brown Track & Field Idaho
46 Tim Hauck Football Montana
47 Matt Nichols Football Eastern Washington
48 Caleb Schreibeis Football Montana State
49 Steve Hayes Basketball Idaho State
50 Charvez Foger Football Nevada