Big Sky Conference Men's Basketball Tournament

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Big Sky Conference Men's Basketball Tournament
Conference Basketball Championship
Sport Basketball
Conference Big Sky Conference
Number of teams 12 (since 2016)
Format Single-elimination tournament
Current stadium Reno Events Center
Current location Reno, Nevada
Played 1976–present
Last contest 2017
Current champion North Dakota
Most championships Weber State (10)
Official website Men's Basketball
Host stadiums
Campus sites (1976–2015)
Reno Events Center (2016–2018)
CenturyLink Arena (2019–2021)
Host locations
Campus sites (1976–2015)
Reno, Nevada (2016–2018)
Boise, Idaho (2019–2021)

The Big Sky Conference Men's Basketball Tournament is the conference championship tournament in men's basketball for the Big Sky Conference. The event has been held annually since 1976, even though the Big Sky was itself established as a conference in 1964.

The winner of the tournament each year is guaranteed a spot in the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament.

Format and host sites[edit]

From 1964–1975, no tournament was played; the team with the best record at the end of the season advanced to the NCAA tournament. From 1976 to 1983, only the top four teams from the conference regular season standings qualified for the tournament. Before 2016, when the tournament moved to a predetermined neutral site, all games were played on the home court of the higher seed. If two or more teams tied for the regular-season title, all were declared co-champions, but hosting rights were determined by a tiebreaker procedure.

Since the 2016 tournament, all full conference members (currently 12) have participated (barring NCAA sanctions or self-imposed postseason bans, the latter of which kept Northern Colorado out of the 2017 tournament), and the tournament is held at a predetermined site, currently the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada.

On September 18, 2017, the Big Sky Conference announced that the men's and women's tournaments would move to CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho starting in 2019 and going through 2021.

History of the Tournament Finals[edit]

Year Champions Score Runner-Up MVP Venue
1976 Boise State 77–70OT Weber State Jimmie Watts, Weber State Wildcat Gym (Ogden, Utah)
1977 Idaho State 61–55 Weber State Ed Thompson, Idaho State ISU Minidome (Pocatello, Idaho)
1978 Weber State 62–55 Montana Bruce Collins, Weber State Dahlberg Arena (Missoula, Montana)
1979 Weber State 92–70 Northern Arizona Bruce Collins, Weber State Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
1980 Weber State 50–42 Montana Bruce Collins, Weber State Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
1981 Idaho 70–64 Montana Ken Owens, Idaho Kibbie Dome (Moscow, Idaho)
1982 Idaho 85–80 Nevada Ken Owens, Idaho Kibbie Dome (Moscow, Idaho)
1983 Weber State 87–78 Nevada Ken Green, Nevada Centennial Coliseum (Reno, Nevada)
1984 Nevada 71–69 Montana Curtis High, Nevada Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
1985 Nevada 79–63 Idaho State Dwayne Randall, Nevada BSU Pavilion (Boise, Idaho)
1986 Montana State 82–77 Montana Tony Hampton, Montana State Lawlor Events Center (Reno, Nevada)
1987 Idaho State 92–81 Nevada Jim Rhode, Idaho State Walkup Skydome (Flagstaff, Arizona)
1988 Boise State 63–61 Montana State Chris Childs, Boise State Brick Breeden Fieldhouse (Bozeman, Montana)
1989 Idaho 59–52 Boise State Riley Smith, Idaho BSU Pavilion (Boise, Idaho)
1990 Idaho 65–62 Eastern Washington Riley Smith, Idaho BSU Pavilion (Boise, Idaho)
1991 Montana 76–68 Idaho Kevin Kearney, Montana Dahlberg Arena (Missoula, Montana)
1992 Montana 73–68 Nevada Delvon Anderson, Montana Dahlberg Arena (Missoula, Montana)
1993 Boise State 80–68 Idaho Tanoka Beard, Boise State Kibbie Dome (Moscow, Idaho)
1994 Boise State 85–81 Idaho State Shambric Williams, Boise State BSU Pavilion (Boise, Idaho)
1995 Weber State 84–62 Montana Ruben Nembhard, Weber State Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
1996 Montana State 81–70 Weber State Danny Sprinkle, Montana State Brick Breeden Fieldhouse (Bozeman, Montana)
1997 Montana 82–79 Cal State Northridge Trenton Cross, Cal State Northridge Walkup Skydome (Flagstaff, Arizona)
1998 Northern Arizona 77–50 Montana State Dan McClintock, Northern Arizona Walkup Skydome (Flagstaff, Arizona)
1999 Weber State 82–75 Northern Arizona Eddie Gill, Weber State Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
2000 Northern Arizona 85–81OT Cal State Northridge Ross Land, Northern Arizona Dahlberg Arena (Missoula, Montana)
2001 Cal State Northridge 73–58 Eastern Washington Brian Heinle, Cal State Northridge Matadome (Northridge, California)
2002 Montana 70–66 Eastern Washington Dan Trammel, Montana Brick Breeden Fieldhouse (Bozeman, Montana)
2003 Weber State 60–57 Eastern Washington Jermaine Boyette, Weber State Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
2004 Eastern Washington 71–59 Northern Arizona Brendon Merritt, Eastern Washington Reese Court (Cheney, WA)
2005 Montana 63–61 Weber State Kamarr Davis, Montana Memorial Coliseum (Portland, Oregon)
2006 Montana 73–60 Northern Arizona Virgil Matthews, Montana Walkup Skydome (Flagstaff, Arizona)
2007 Weber State 88–80 Northern Arizona David Patten, Weber State Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
2008 Portland State 67–51 Northern Arizona Deonte Huff, Portland State Rose Garden Arena (Portland, Oregon)
2009 Portland State 79–77 Montana State Jeremiah Dominguez, Portland State Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
2010 Montana 66–65 Weber State Anthony Johnson, Montana Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
2011 Northern Colorado 65–60 Montana Devon Beitzel, Northern Colorado Butler-Hancock Sports Pavilion (Greeley, Colorado)
2012 Montana 85–66 Weber State Kareem Jamar, Montana Dahlberg Arena (Missoula, Montana)
2013 Montana 67–64 Weber State Kareem Jamar, Montana Dahlberg Arena (Missoula, Montana)
2014 Weber State 88–67 North Dakota Davion Berry, Weber State Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
2015 Eastern Washington 69–65 Montana Tyler Harvey, Eastern Washington Dahlberg Arena (Missoula, Montana)
2016 Weber State 62–59 Montana Jeremy Senglin, Weber State Reno Events Center (Reno, Nevada)
2017 North Dakota 93–89OT Weber State Quinton Hooker, North Dakota Reno Events Center (Reno, Nevada)

Performance By School[edit]

School Finals Record Finals Appearances Title Years
Weber State 10–8 18 1978, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2014, 2016
Montana 9–9 18 1991, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2013
Boise State 4–1 5 1976, 1988, 1993, 1994
Idaho 4–2 6 1981, 1982, 1989, 1990
Nevada 2–4 6 1984, 1985
Idaho State 2–2 4 1977, 1987
Northern Arizona 2–6 8 1998, 2000
Montana State 2–3 5 1986, 1996
Portland State 2–0 2 2008, 2009
Eastern Washington 2–4 6 2004, 2015
Cal State Northridge 1–2 3 2001
North Dakota 1–1 2 2017
Northern Colorado 1–0 1 2011
Sacramento State 0–0 0
Southern Utah 0–0 0
  • Schools highlighted in yellow are current members of the Big Sky Conference.

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