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Big Sur
First edition cover
AuthorJack Kerouac
CountryUnited States
SeriesDuluoz Legend
PublisherFarrar, Straus and Cudahy
Publication date
September 11, 1962
Media typePrint
813/.54 20
LC ClassPS3521.E735 B5 1992
Preceded byLonesome Traveler
Followed byVisions of Gerard

Big Sur is a 1962 novel by Jack Kerouac. It recounts the events surrounding Kerouac's (here known by the name of his fictional alter-ego Jack Duluoz) three brief sojourns to a cabin in Bixby Canyon, Big Sur, owned by Kerouac's friend and Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The novel departs from Kerouac's previous fictionalized autobiographical series in that the character Duluoz is shown as a popular, published author. The Subterraneans also mentions Kerouac's (Leo Percepied) status as an author, and in fact even mentions how some of the bohemians of New York are beginning to talk in slang derived from his writing. Kerouac's previous novels are restricted to depicting Kerouac's days as a bohemian traveller.


The novel depicts Duluoz's mental and physical deterioration. Duluoz is unable to cope with a suddenly demanding public, and is battling advanced alcoholism. He seeks respite first in solitude in the Big Sur cabin, then in a relationship with Billie, the mistress of his longtime friend Cody Pomeray (Neal Cassady). Duluoz finds respite in the Big Sur wilderness, but is driven by loneliness to return to the city, and resumes drinking heavily.

Across Duluoz's subsequent trips to Big Sur and interleaved lifestyle in San Francisco, he drunkenly embarrasses Cody by introducing Billie to Cody's wife, cannot emotionally provide for the increasingly demanding Billie, and finds himself increasingly unable to integrate into suburban life. Duluoz's inner turmoil culminates in his nervous breakdown during his third journey to Big Sur.

An addendum to the book contains Kerouac's poem "Sea: Sounds of the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur".

Character Key[edit]

Kerouac often based his fictional characters on friends and family.[1][2]

"Because of the objections of my early publishers I was not allowed to use the same personae names in each work." [3]

Real-life person[4] Character name
Jack Kerouac Jack Duluoz
Neal Cassady Cody Pomeray
Carolyn Cassady Evelyn
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Lorenzo Monsanto
Allen Ginsberg Irwin Garden
Lenore Kandel Româna Swartz
Robert LaVigne Robert Browning
Michael McClure Pat McLear
Jackie Gibson Mercer Willamine "Billie" Dabney
Albert Saijo George Baso
Gary Snyder Jarry Wagner
Alan Watts Arthur Wayne
Lew Welch Dave Wain
Philip Whalen Ben Fagan
Victor Wong[5] Arthur Ma
Lucien Carr Julien

Film adaptation[edit]

A film adaptation of the novel, directed by Michael Polish, was released in 2013.[6][7][8] The cast includes Jean-Marc Barr as Kerouac, Josh Lucas as Neal Cassady, Radha Mitchell as Carolyn Cassady, Henry Thomas as Whalen, Anthony Edwards as Ferlinghetti, Balthazar Getty as McClure, Patrick Fischler as Welch, and Stana Katic as Kandel.[9]


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