Big Sur International Marathon

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Big Sur International Marathon
Datelate April
LocationBig Sur, California
Event typeRoad
DistanceMarathon, 21-mile, 11-mile, 12km, 5km, 3km
Official siteBig Sur International Marathon
Participants3,486 (2019)

The Big Sur International Marathon is an annual marathon held in California, United States along the Pacific coast. The marathon was established in 1986 and attracts about 4,500 participants annually.

In addition to the marathon, the event usually includes a 21-mile (34 km) race, a relay, a 5 km run and various walks. Runners in the marathon have 6 hours in which to complete it. Since the marathon was first run, over $2m in grants has been disbursed to charities.

The finish line for all events is the Crossroads Shopping Center in Carmel, California. The Marathon begins south of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, the Power Walk and 21-mile (34 km) race begin at Andrew Molera State Park, and the 10.6-mile (17.1 km) walk and run begin at Rocky Point Restaurant. The 9-mile (14 km) and 5 km races begin and end at the finish line.


Year Overall Winner From Finish time Female Winner From Finish time
1997 Srba Nikolic Brooklyn NY 2:27:51 Kim Marie Goff Gilford 2:57:12
1998 Srba Nicolic Brooklyn NY 2:21:36 Janina Saxer Zurich , Switzerland 2:46:24
1999 Arsenio Ortiz Ozone Park, NY 2:19:16 Susan Morris Encinitas, CA 2:52:24
2000 Esterban Vanegas Almaimichigan MI 2:27:06 Natalia Solominskaia Vucan-Vude, Russia 2:46:53
2001 Arsenio Ortiz Ozone Park NY 2:25:38 Janna Malkova Albuquerque NM 2:46:41
2002 Jonathan Ndambuki Incline Villa NV 2:18:05 Julieanne White Vista, CA 2:51:10
2003 Jonathan Ndambuki Incline Villa NV 2:19:59 Julieanne White San Jacinto CA 2:47:11
2004 Ibrahim Limo Cary 2:26:19 Suzy West Putney 3:10:02
2005 Jonathan Ndambuki Santa Fe 2:23:35 Mary Akor Gardena, CA 2:46:53
2006 Charles Nyakundi Kenya 2:21:43 Mary Coordt Elk Grove, CA 2:59:18.
2007 Jeff Gardina Santa Cruz, CA 2:25:48 Michelle Thomas San Luis Obispo, CA 3:02:09.
2008 Andy Martin Bend, OR 2:29:50 Kris Lawson Parker, CO 3:00:53
2009 Ryan Hafer Colorado Springs, CO 2:32:17 Mary Coordt Elk Grove, CA 2:56:06
2010 Daniel Tapia Castroville, CA 2:26:09 Veronica Clemens New York, NY 2:55:18
2011 Jesus Campos King City, CA 2:31:54 Beth Woodward Orrville, OH 3:05:05
2012 Adam Roach Pacific Grove, CA 2:32:25 Nuta Olaru Longmont,CO 2:50:08
2013 Adam Roach Monterey, CA 2:27:46 Nuta Olaru Longmont, CO 2:50:02
2014 Michael Wardian Arlington, VA 2:27:45 Nuta Olaru Longmont, CO 2:53:15
2015 Adam Roach Monterey, CA 2:30:48 Malia Crouse Edgewater 2:57:02
2016 Adam Roach Pebble Beach, CA 2:35:36 Magdalena Boulet Oakland, CA 3:01:27
2017 Michael Wardian Arlington, VA 2:30:29 Tegan Searle Monterey, CA 3:01:47
2018 Adam Roach Pebble Beach, CA 2:29:26 Julia Rhie Chapel Hill, NC 3:01:16
2019 Jordan Tropf Baltimore, MD 2:25:23 D'Ann Arthur Redondo Beach, CA 2:48:41

The Ultimate Guide to Marathons described the Big Sur Marathon as the best marathon in the world.[1]


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