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The Big Three or MBB refers to the name colloquially given to the world's three largest strategy consulting firms by revenue. They are also considered to be the most prestigious employers in the management consulting industry.[1] McKinsey is the biggest of these with an annual revenue of $8.4bn followed by BCG ($5.6bn revenue) and then Bain & Company ($2.3bn revenue).

The firms[edit]

The three consulting firms widely regarded as constituting the Big Three or MBB are McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company.

McKinsey & Company[edit]

McKinsey & Company logo.png

This firm was founded under the name "McKinsey & Company" in Chicago by James McKinsey in 1926. The firm has grown significantly since then, establishing 104 offices located in 60 different countries as of 2014.[2] McKinsey & Company has been voted number one in the "The Best Consulting Firms: Prestige" list of the career intelligence website consecutively for 14 years since the year 2002.[3][4] The firm currently serves two-thirds of the Fortune 1000. Their areas of expertise include management, organisation, operations and IT.[5]

The Boston Consulting Group[edit]

BostonConsultingGroup logo.jpg

BCG was founded in 1963 by Bruce D. Henderson, a former Arthur D. Little consultant and a Vanderbilt University and Harvard Business School alumnus.[6] Starting out with only two consultants, the firm quickly grew. It currently employs 14,000 people over 85 offices in 48 different countries.[7] BCG also has been consistently featured in Consulting Magazine’s "Best Firms to Work For" lists since the year 2001.[8] Their areas of expertise include corporate development, business growth and innovation.[9]

Bain & Company[edit]

Bain & Co logo.png

Bain is the smallest and youngest consulting firm out of the Big Three firms. The firm was founded by a group of ten employees from The Boston Consulting Group in 1973, led by Bill Bain. It currently has 55 offices in 36 different countries.[10] The firm pioneered Private Equity consulting and the fund Bain Capital was founded by partners from Bain & Company and led by Mitt Romney. Their areas of expertise include private equity, mergers and acquisitions and retail.[11] Bain has been ranked #1 "Best Place to Work" by Glassdoor and leads the Vault Consulting 50 ranking, as well as Vault's "Best Consulting Firms to Work For" ranking.[12]

These three firms have stood out from other competitors, and have consolidated as the top-tier of management consulting business. Their latest publicly available data is summarised in the table below:[13]

Firm Employees (Year) Revenue (Year) Revenue/employee (Year) Change Locations Headquarters
McKinsey & Company 17,000 (2017) $8.40 B (2015) [14] $488,235 (2015) 3.8% 100+ New York, NY
Boston Consulting Group 14,000 (2017) [15] $5.60 B (2017) $400,000 (2017) 12.0% 80+ Boston, MA
Bain & Company 7,000 (2017)[16] $2.30 B (2015) $403,508 (2015) 3.6% 50+ Boston, MA

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