Big Wars

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Big Wars
Big Wars DVD Cover.jpeg
North American DVD Cover of Big Wars
Directed by Issei Kume, Toshifumi Takizawa
Release date
September 25, 1993 (1993-09-25)
Running time
70 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Big Wars (ビッグ・ウォーズ 神撃つ朱き荒野に?, Daisenki) is a 1993 Japanese science fiction anime film. It was released in the United States by Central Park Media.


Set in the dawning of the 24th century, the earth has undergone changes and technology improved in leaps and bounds, with humanity now colonizing Mars. However, unknown to humanity, there is an ancient race of aliens known as 'The Gods' which have been patiently waiting and watching humanity's progress. They take action and try to halt man's progress into space with extreme force. Although humanity has some very advanced weaponry at their disposal such as highly advanced aircraft, orbital fighters and gigantic desert battleships full of the most amazing array of weapons, will it be enough to stop them? The aliens have impressive weapons of their own, including an unstoppable stealth carrier. Humanity's hope rests on the shoulders of Captain Akuh and the crew of the Battleship Aoba. They are to carry out a top-secret mission against the aliens which, if successful, could mean the end to the war.[1]


Japanese Cast[edit]

English Cast[edit]

  • B.H. O'Neill as Captain Akuh
  • Cynthia DeMoss as Dr. Lee
  • Dale Oliverio as Takeshi Hijikata
  • David Stuart as J. Dalton
  • Michael William as Yutaka Todoroki
  • Sharon Becker as Lt. Darsa Keligan
  • Barry Chiate as Colonel Coleman
  • Bob Heitman as Admiral Mikawa


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