Bigfoot (2012 film)

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Bigfoot 2012 DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Genre Adventure
Written by
  • Micho Rutare
  • Brian Brinkman
Directed by Bruce Davison
Starring Danny Bonaduce
Barry Williams
Sherilyn Fenn
Alice Cooper
Music by Chris Ridenhour
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) David Rimawi
Producer(s) David Michael Latt
Paul Bales (co-producer)
Ray Cannella (associate producer)
David L. Garber (associate producer)
Chris Regina (associate producer)
Thomas P. Vitale (associate producer)
Christopher Ray (line producer)
Cinematography Alex Yellen
Editor(s) Rob Pallatina
Running time 89 minutes
Production company(s) The Asylum
Distributor Syfy
Original network Syfy
Original release June 30, 2012

Bigfoot is an American made-for-television film co-produced by Asylum/Syfy.[1]

The film was directed by Bruce Davison who also stars as a local Sheriff. It premiered on TV on June 30, 2012 and was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 14, 2012. The film features a cameo by Alice Cooper playing himself.


A hunter tries to shoot a bear to bring home as a trophy until a large, hairy creature attacks and kills him. The creature appeared to be the legendary monster Bigfoot who then goes back to his cave to sleep. He then attacks and kills an elderly couple by turning over their RV. When Bigfoot attacks a 1980s themed rock concert in Deadwood, South Dakota, after the noise disturbed its hibernation, the cynical event organizer Harley Henderson (Danny Bonaduce) tries to kill the giant beast and create a tourist attraction around its stuffed body.

However, his former musical partner, Simon Quint (Barry Williams), now an environmentalist, realizes the creature is the last of its species, and is determined to make sure it does not become extinct. Harley goes to great lengths to kill the creature, in order to save his concert from being cancelled, but Simon thinks that the creature is just protecting its territory from trespassers. Harley assembles a team of hunters and mercenaries to track down Bigfoot. A group of men and women try to capture Bigfoot on camera, but all of them get killed.

Simon uses a hang glider to spot the creature, while Harley and his men try to kill him, however Bigfoot kills three men in the process. Harley uses a rifle to shoot down Simon's hang glider. Army helicopters pursue the creature, leading it straight to the concert. Most of Simon's activist friends get killed by Bigfoot or the National Guard for their interference. They evacuate the town to avoid more casualties. With all his men killed, Harley decides to stop Bigfoot once and for all.

Sheriff Alvarez (Sherilyn Fenn) and her partner Anderson (Bruce Davison) try to call off an air strike after they spot Anderson and Quint on Mount Rushmore trying to trap the creature. Anderson gets killed when Bigfoot kicks his patrol car into a tree, crushing Anderson. He tells Alvarez that she is a great sheriff and that her father would be proud. Unfortunately, Simon, Harley, and Bigfoot are killed in the process when attack jets fire missiles at them, destroying Mount Rushmore as well.

A year later, Mayor Tom Gillis, having survived his injuries, congratulates them for being heroes, and unveils a statue of them in their honor. Mount Rushmore is also being rebuilt as a new monument.



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