Biggar (electoral district)

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Saskatchewan electoral district
SK Electoral District - Biggar.png
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
First contested 2002
Last contested 2011
Population (2001) 16,500
Electors 10,758
Census divisions 12, 16

Biggar was a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, Canada. This former constituency, located in west central Saskatchewan, has an economy based primarily on mixed farming and alfalfa production, and oil production. Biggar is home to Prairie Malt Ltd. (the first malt plant in Saskatchewan) and is situated in the heart of Canada's prime barley-growing region. The Miller Western Palo Salt Mine is located 27 km west of Biggar. The 25 staff members produce sodium sulfate for shipping throughout Canada and the central United States. The major communities are Biggar (2,243), Wilkie (1,282) and Langham (1,145).



The riding was originally created for the 1912 general election and was abolished following the 1991 general election.[1] Woodrow Stanley Lloyd of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (later the CCF-NDP) represented the riding from 1944 until 1971 and as Premier of Saskatchewan from 1961 to 1964.

This riding was re-created by the Representation Act, 2002 (Saskatchewan). It is made up of areas of the Redberry Lake, Rosetown-Biggar, Battlefords-Cut Knife and Kindersley ridings. Both the riding of Redberry Lake and the riding of Rosetown-Biggar were new ridings created by the Representation Act, 1994 (Saskatchewan).

Member of the Legislative Assembly[edit]

Prior to the 1999 Saskatchewan general election, when the Saskatchewan Party made inroads, people in this area of the province generally elected NDP and PC MLAs.

# MLA Served Party
  1. Randy Weekes 2003 – Current Saskatchewan Party
  • Previous MLAs:
    • Redberry Lake: Randy Weekes, Saskatchewan Party
    • Rosetown-Biggar: Elwin Hermanson, Saskatchewan Party
    • Battlefords-Cut Knife: Wally Lorenz, Saskatchewan Party
    • Kindersley: Jason Dearborn, Saskatchewan Party

Election results[edit]

Saskatchewan General Election 2003: Biggar
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Saskatchewan Randy Weekes 3,899 53.57%
  NDP Lee W. Pearce 2,628 36.11%
Liberal Steven Dribnenki 751 10.32%
Total 7,278 100.00%
Saskatchewan General Election 2007: Biggar
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Saskatchewan Randy Weekes 4,499 59.93% +6.36
  NDP Ken Crush 2,311 30.78% -5.33
Liberal Nathan Jeffries 493 6.57% -3.75
Green Darryl Amey 204 2.72%
Total 7,507 100.00%
Saskatchewan general election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Saskatchewan Randy Weekes 4,493 68.15% +8.22
New Democratic Glenn Wright 1,695 25.71% −5.07
Green Darryl Amey 206 3.12% +0.14
Progressive Conservative James Yanchyshen 171 2.59%
Western Independence Dana Arnason 28 0.43%
Total 6,593 100.00%


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