Bigger Than the Sky

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Bigger Than the Sky
Bigger Than the Sky FilmPoster.jpeg
Movie poster for Bigger Than the Sky
Directed by Al Corley
Produced by Craig Borden
Written by Rodney Patrick Vaccaro
Starring Marcus Thomas
John Corbett
Amy Smart
Sean Astin
Clare Higgins
Music by Rob Cairns
Cinematography Carl Nilsson
Edited by Axel Hubert
Distributed by MGM/UA
Release date
February 18, 2005
Running time
106 min
Language English
Budget $750,000

Bigger Than the Sky is a 2005 film directed by Al Corley.


After being rejected by his girlfriend, Peter Rooker decides to audition for a small role in an upcoming local community theatre's production of "Cyrano de Bergerac". Despite the fact that Peter has no experience or skill as an actor, the director casts Peter background character. Peter soon becomes caught up in the various intrigues of the "theater people", including the charming but mercurial Michael Degan, the beautiful leading lady Grace Hargrove, and a cast of other eccentric players. Gradually, Peter discovers that in the world of theater the normal rules do not apply – but in the end there is a role for everyone. On opening night, the lead has not appeared, and the director asks Peter, who has never rehearsed the role, to play Cyrano. At first, he declines, but then realizing it is his dream, he plays Cyrano with great success.[1]



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