Bigger and Blackerer

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Bigger and Blackerer
Bigger and Blackerer.jpg
Live album by David Cross
Released May 25, 2010
Genre Stand-up comedy
Length 1:02:35
Label Sub Pop
David Cross chronology
It's Not Funny
(2004)It's Not Funny2004
Bigger and Blackerer

Bigger and Blackerer: a 2010 album and DVD that stars American stand-up comedian David Cross. The album's title plays on Chris Rock's comedy album, Bigger & Blacker, and the cover plays off of the popular art form of painting on black velvet, such as Velvet Elvis (and is reminiscent of the Ray Charles album "Ray Charles Greatest Hits"). Cross taped and recorded the album during two shows at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston.

Track listing[edit]

Bigger and Blackerer does not follow the non-sequitur track titling of Cross' previous albums, Shut Up You Fucking Baby! and It's Not Funny.

  1. "Opening Song (The Sultan's Revenge)" – 4:18
  2. "If You Care" – 1:44
  3. "That One Show About Drugs And Stuff" – 6:13
  4. "Me And Drugs" – 8:29
  5. "Black Stuff" – 2:48
  6. "...Or Worse" – 4:41
  7. "Where We Are Now Back In Sept. '09" – 9:06
  8. "Silly Religious Crazies" – 5:59
  9. "Really Silly Religious Crazies. I Mean, Double, Triple Crazy!!" – 3:40
  10. "Random Goofabouts" – 9:07
  11. "I Can't Get Beer In Me..." – 2:40
  12. "Lesson Learned" – 3:50


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media (5.6/10) [1]
The A.V. Club B+[2]

The A.V. Club gave the album a B+.[2] Pitchfork Media gave the album a 5.6.[1]


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