Biggera Creek Dam

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Biggera Creek Dam
Biggera Creek Dam is located in Queensland
Biggera Creek Dam
Location of the Biggera Creek Dam
in Queensland
Country Australia
Location South East Queensland
Coordinates 27°56′54″S 153°22′59″E / 27.94833°S 153.38306°E / -27.94833; 153.38306Coordinates: 27°56′54″S 153°22′59″E / 27.94833°S 153.38306°E / -27.94833; 153.38306
Purpose Flood mitigation
Status Operational
Operator(s) Gold Coast City Council
Dam and spillways
Impounds Biggera Creek
Total capacity 3,700 ML (810×10^6 imp gal; 980×10^6 US gal)

The Biggera Creek Dam, or formally the Biggera Creek Flood Mitigation Dam, is a dam established for flood mitigation purposes over the Biggera Creek, located in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. The dam is situated approximately 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) northwest of Southport in the suburb of Arundel. It is operated by the Gold Coast City Council.

The dam has a capacity of 3,700 megalitres (810×10^6 imp gal; 980×10^6 US gal) and the height of the dam wall is 15 metres (49 ft).[citation needed]

Because its sole purpose is flood mitigation, the retention basin behind the dam is almost always empty of water.

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